Fief of Ainsi

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The Fief of Ainsi is a landed Fief representing one noble's fief. Its is owned by Dame Margot who visits it regularly. In many ways it is typical of a knight's fief across the realm. A small collection of central buildings and a keep of some kind, with farmsteads connected to nearby hamlets.


The fief consists of a manor house surrounded by a collection heavy stone buildings, and 4 hamlets within short rides from the Manor. Each hamlet sponsor from 10 to 20 farmsteads.


The location of Ainsi is near the Great Shoals of the north and the Northern mountains. The weather is cold, similar to the weather in Yellowknife, North West Territories, Canada.


  • Blue pop berries
  • Various berries.
  • Horse Training for the citizenry.
  • truffles.

Besides these most farmsteads are self-sufficient in most staples.

Retirement community of Ainsi-Alata[edit]

One small collection of dwellings are those of retired staff from the Castle Amber. This collection of heavy stone buildings are near the Manor of Ainsi.