Fiona Maxwell

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Fiona Maxwell (Anna Popplewell) 01.jpg


  • Duty D4: Girls just wanna have fun
  • Fame D10: I'm gonna live forever
  • Fairness D4: Some say that life isn't fair/I say that people just don't care
  • Love D6: Someday my prince will come
  • Popularity D4: I don't give a damn about my reputation
  • Truth D6: Time can never mend/The careless whispers of a good friend


  • Leads
    • Warren Whitcomb D4: WARREN's family connections could be very helpful for my career
    • Adam Chamberlain D8: I am so in love with ADAM
    • Lauren Grey D4: LAUREN's probably spoiled rotten
    • Ashley Brown D10: ASHLEY's been my BFF since second grade
    • Amethyst Fitch D6: I'm scared of FITCH
    • Nellie Paparteys D4: NELLIE seems pretty ordinary
  • Features
    • Larry "Del" DelMasto D6: Mr. DELMASTO might be have something to teach me
    • Samantha Taylor D6: SAMMIE is such a byotch

Musical Range: Backup Singer

  • Specialties: Pop D8, Latin Pop D6
  • Stage Trick: Backwards...and in High Heels - Fiona's been taking dance classes since she was a little girl. When singing a song that involves dance choreography, pay a plot point to step up or double a Speciality.
  • Stage Trick: Viva la Musica - Between Spanish class and years of fangirling Shakira, she's pretty good at pronouncing Spanish lyrics. She can even roll her 'r's. Pay a plot point to step up or double Latin Pop.
  • Stage Trick: Dance Fever - Fiona can make anyone want to dance. Add a D6 to the Drama Pool to bring in any Extras as backup dancers.
  • Limit: Not Ready for Prime Time - Fiona is confident and eager for the spotlight when it comes to dance, but singing's another matter--she's very insecure about her voice. Increase the opposing pool when given a lead or solo part.
  • Limit: Leave It All on the Stage - Sometimes music underscores her emotions so directly that it makes it difficult to perform. Step up any Insecure or Afraid dice in the opposing pool.


  • Adoraklutz - When she's dancing, or otherwise rocking the Agile distinction (like during an action scene or something), she's as graceful as a swan, but at other times--basically whenever it would be funny--she'll trip over her own two feet, or run smack into an opening door. If there's a rake lying in the yard, she'll be the one to step on it and get a handle in the face.


  • Agile D12 - You’re quick and nimble, able to move your body effortlessly like a dancer or gymnast. Roll the Distinction’s die when you’re doing something for which your graceful and agile moves would help you.
    • D4: Add a D6 to the Drama Pool to reroll any die during a Contest or Test that involves your Agility.
    • D8: Spend a Plot Point to Decrease your opponent’s Injured or Exhausted Stress pool.
    • D12: Add a d10 to the Drama pool to escape--without Giving In--a Contest or Test in which you have used your Agile die.
  • Drama Queen D4 - Every crush is True Love, every breakup is a Tragedy for the Ages, every little setback is the Worst. Possible. Thing! Add the Distinction’s die when engaged in a Contest or Test related to your current drama.
    • D4: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to react to something minor by blowing it out of proportion.
  • Team Player D4 - Whether you’re part of an athletic team, a club, or a social group, you know that it’s not all about you. You work well with others, know your place on the team, and how to support your teammates. Maybe you don’t like to stick your head up above the crowd, or maybe you have enough confidence in yourself that you don’t need the spotlight to prove how great you are. Either way, roll this die when you’re Aiding your buddies, carrying your share of the weight, or figuring out what’s best for your group.
    • D4: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to follow instructions, stick to the game plan, or maintain strict discipline when it would benefit you more to do otherwise.


  • Lillian Maxwell 2D6
  • Aaron Maxwell 2D6
  • Principal Arndt 2D4


  • Dance Studio 2D8
  • The Choir Room 2D4


  • Origins: You and I - Fiona lives with her divorced mother. She wants to be a dancer when she grows up (step up Fame x2).
  • Upbringing: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger - A few years after the divorce, Fi discovered that it happened because her mom was having an affair, and her dad found out about it because of something Fiona innocently let slip. As a result, she blames herself for the divorce, and firmly believes that sometimes it's better to keep secrets (step up Truth).
  • Attitude: I Won't Give Up - Fiona joined both the Valkyries (the school's cheerleading squad) and the glee club in order to broaden her skills as a dancer. They offer her additional styles and moves that she can mix in with her more traditional ballet training, and let her get out of the studio and get some practice performing for an audience. It means several more hours of training and practice each week, but that's what it takes to get ahead.
  • Ambition: Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Fiona's determined to make it as a professional dancer.
  • Life-Changing Event: A Change Would Do You Good - During the summer, Fiona's dad came back into her life, suing her mom for custody. Fiona is very confused about it. On the one hand, she loves her mom, who has been nothing but supportive of her dreams. On the other, her dad was the one who got cheated on, he doesn't seem like a bad guy, and is it so wrong if he wants to be a part of her life? But he's not willing to settle for joint custody or visitation rights. (Step up Fame, step up Love.)

Notable Moments:

Fiona Maxwell (Anna Popplewell) 02.jpg