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Born to one of the minor aristocracy of the core worlds Josh was raised with the best classical education his family his family could provide. With a strong focus on academics rather then statesmanship, they none the less raised him to believe strongly in two values Noblesse Oblige and those who fails to live up to their stated values are worst then one with evil values. Taking the first to heart Josh decided to go into medicine, to use his family paid for education to help others. It was at college that he found 2 things one a love for partying, though with a work hard party hard value and a friend in the fellow medical student Adelaide. While a close friend even in college their paths started to diverge as Josh found himself pulled more toward the technical and research aspect of medicine. On graduating Josh followed a path that lead him further into research till he was a researcher for emergency medical devices. During this path the friendship he had shared with Adelaide fade till it was an occasional newsletter and cards at holidays.
It was after a few years at aiding the experiments into emergency medical devices, that things at the edges of his work slowly didn't add up. Nothing big or obvious but there was always a constant background chatter about a project shunted toward military application or a department for muscular dystrophy force to test the effects of a new treatment on healthy athletically active subjects. It was after the latest of one of these many background events that he got a weird message from Adelaide and finding out about the reopening of research into Pax. Disturbed by the stuff in front of him, he aided Adelaide in the task she needed him to do and agreed to join her in the resistance against this.
Leaving the core world unmonitored was easy for Josh, he's done it by accident before. He took a sabbatical went to a world famed for partying and a good time and just slipped on a random ship off world after a few nights partying it up. Last time it had happened his family found him at a rim world club and the time before that he was working off some debts at a low end clinic so nobody would look too hard for him. Getting in contact with the people Adelaide told him to he made his way to meet her, picking up a bit of fire arms training in the process.
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==[[Firefly:_The_Second_Unification_War | Return to Main Page]]==

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