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Name :: Role

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Character Quote

Attributes d6Arrow03.png

|| Physical d8 || Mental d6 || Social d10 ||

Trained Skills d6Arrow03.png

Skill d8

  • Specialty d6

Skill d10

Skill d12

Untrained Skills d4

| Skill d4 | Skill d4 | Skill d4 |

Distinctions/Triggers d8

Bolded Triggers are active.

Ship's Doctor - Sometimes it seems whoever came up with “First, do no harm” never had to deal with the people you have to deal with.

☑ Step Back: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☐ Experimental Procedure: If you replace your Operate or Treat Skill with a d4 for your next roll, gain a Big Damn Hero Die equal to that Skill’s normal die rating if your roll is successful.
☑ Natural Healer: Spend 1 PP to step back another character’s medical or injury-based Complication.

Caring - You’ve a courage and tenacity in carin’ for others that most folk don’t. You’re the light in their darkness.

☑ Step Back: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☑ Heal the Wounded Heart: Spend 1 PP to step back another character’s emotional or relationship-based Complication.
☐ Go the Extra Mile: While you are taking care of an incapacitated or grief-stricken character, you or that character may reroll any dice that come up 1s instead of taking Plot Points.

Veteran of the Unification Wars - It don’t matter which side you fight on, war leaves a mark on your heart n’ soul

☑ Step Back: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☐ Fightin' Type: Spend 1 PP to step up or double your Shoot or Fight when you’re outnumbered.
☐ War Stories: When you create an Asset or take a Complication related to a wartime flashback, step it up.

Signature Assets d6Arrow03.png

Asset d8 Description

Asset d6 Description


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