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Character Files/Meta Currencies

I will update the Character Table on the wiki each time I update the IC thread. Please do not update the table yourselves. I don't want anyone losing Plot Points or Big Damned Hero Dice from double subtraction.

If you feel I have forgotten to update the table or that my math is wrong, let me know OOC or DM me and I will fix it. Likewise, if I make a mistake on the Character/GM Complications/Assets lists, let me know and I'll fix it. These also get updated when I update the IC thread.

Character Role Played by EP d6 d8 d10 d12 PP
Mel Krause Captain Muskrat D0a.png 3 4 3
Imelda Quetzal Showoff Gunslinger Kittlefish D0a.png
Garrett Waymire Reader/Sniper Strange Behaviour D0a.png 2 5
Mike Constantine Pilot camk4evr D0a.png 1 4
Moody Fixer Atlictoatl D0a.png 2 1 5
Amber Van Horn Ship's Doc Potted Plant D0a.png 2
Charlie Mechanic BlackSheep D0a.png 2 4 4
Aaron Abernathy First Name in Guidebooks Fedifensor D0a.png 2 1 2
Bolade Promiser PR Consultant Timon D0a.png 4
Tazwell Covington VI General Laborer Iustum D0a.png 2 2
GM Shenanigans brahnamin 11

Complications and Assets

Character Complications

d6 d8 d10 d12

On Vid d8 Moody
Keeping Score d6 All
Mysterious Power Draw d6 All

Character Assets

d6 d8 d10 d12

Note: Assets with 2 PP invested will be marked with an [E] to denote episode-long assets.

  • [E] Biggest Fan d8 Moody (Phen)
  • [E] Faction Intel d8 Crew
  • [E] First Name d8 Aaron (Interviewing Fisherfolk)
  • [E] Teamwork Makes the Dream Work d8 Taz
  • [S] Deal with the Shooter d10 All

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GM Complications

d6 d8 d10 d12

GM Assets

d6 d8 d10 d12

Note: Assets with 2 PP invested will be marked with an [E] to denote episode-long assets

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The Ship Herself

The Jiangshi (Blood Ghost) is a Dakota Class Light Freighter that saw much use as an Independence aligned stockade runner (then known as tbe Captain's Wager) during the Unification War before being captured by a Tong gang boss and put to less noble pursuits. The new crew has renamed and re-registered her Man Yanzhuan (Outrageous Fortune), expunging both of her former idents.



Cargo Specs

Aft Cargo Hold is 2 decks high

Forward Cargo hold is 3 decks high along the keel line in the center of the hold and up to five decks high on the port and starboard sides

Ship Features

Banked Ship Episodes D2b.png

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Our Story So Far . . .

Timeline: Reavers of the Rim begins less than a year after the end of the Unification War, before the byword Reaver is even a whispered threat in the inner systems.

Trigger Event: The Raven's Eye, a space station and shipyard in orbit around Highgate in the Blue Sun System, is breached by an unknown cluster of ships whose opening salvo fuses the station's magnetic docking locks, preventing any ship in hard-dock from easily departing.

Those ships powerful enough to do so, blast free, heedless of the inevitable damage to the station and subsequent loss of human life, but with rare exception these ships, themselves damaged in their violent departure, are picked off before they can escape.

As the assailants from the invading fleet breach the station, a sparse handful of resourceful souls steal a Dakota Class Light Freighter hung in dry dock awaiting repairs and not sealed in place by the fused mag clamps on the outer shell, tearing away from the station under cover of debris left behind by the violent departure of larger vessels. The stout little ship is surprisingly agile, dodging potential hazards as it flees the system.

Its register lists its original wartime designation as the Duizhang De Duzhu (Captain's Wager), but it's current designation is the Jiangshi (Blood Ghost). It is owned by Ke Jian of the Hóng Tiān'é (Red Swan) tong.

Opening Scene: Forward six months. The thrown-together crew that fled the Raven's Eye together in an appropriated ship has had time to get to know each other and their peculiar little vessel - which seems to have been heavily retrofitted to accommodate work somewhat less legal than its original mission design. The tong boss who owned her before them was plainly a smuggler or worse. But for all she doesn't look like much, she's a gorramn fine ship.

And now her crew has its first legitimate job.

Episode Archives

Former Crew

Firefly Job Generator (GM Tool)

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Character Generation

You are welcome to use the following Template for your character sheet or replace it with your own format. Just make sure skills, distinctions, and signature assets are clearly labeled with their appropriate die notation as well as which distinction triggers are active and available for use.

Wiki Edits: If you are waiting for moderation on your character wiki, go HERE to get put on the pre-approved list.

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Plot Point Bidding

PBP format doesn't work well for Player/GM back and forth, so I do my best to avoid it. This means the bidding aspect of spending PP on a roll kinda drops off. Instead, I find it helpful for players to indicate (if you are able) how many PP/BDHD you are willing to spend (if any) to succeed on the roll. I will do my best to make sure those PP are spent as economically as possible to achieve your desired outcome.

If my NPC is willing (presuming I have the PP to burn) to spend enough GM PP that you cannot succeed, I will let you know that so you don't have to burn PP if you don't want to on a failed action (though you always have the option to spend your PP to force me to spend mine in those situations).

If I am requiring an action of you (defending vs an attack, random notice check, etc) I will roll stakes so you know what you are rolling against, and I will tell you what PP I am willing to spend. I don't generally pre-roll for actions I think you might take no matter how obvious it might seem, because I don't want to influence how you choose to act in a scene.

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While the core game implies a fairly significant amount of player vs player conflict, I prefer not to run games that lean heavily to that assumption. If you wan't to do something that directly acts against another player there are two options.

  • Unilateral Permission: The other player agrees to your action. No rolls are needed. Just RP it out.
  • Limited Permission: The other player doesn't agree that it is an automatic thing, but does agree to let the dice decide.

Note: If the players involved do not agree to PVP, it doesn't happen. Move on with something else.

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Recruitment Thread

2nd Recruitment Thread

Episode 3 Development Thread

OOC Thread

IC Thread

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Chinese Slang & Firefly Phrases For adding color to how your character speaks.

Translator English/Chinese Dictionary.

Orokos Online Dice Roller.

Absences Thread If you can't post for whatever reason let us know here or in OOC.

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Post Frequency

  • I am asking for a daily posting commitment for this game as a general rule, with the understanding that posting might be less frequent on weekends and holidays.

Post Absences

  • If you will NOT be able to post, for whatever reason, please ping us in OOC so we know what is going on or post to the Absences Thread (I pretty much check that thing every time it lights up).

Post Formatting

  • Please bold your character's name at the top of each IC post OR bold the first instance of your character's name in the body of the post. We all game with lots of folk, sometimes with the same players in different games; this just makes it easier to keep track of which character we're addressing.
  • If you are addressing another PC in your post it is helpful to bold their character name as well so it stands out for them.
  • OOC blocks are fine for showing dice rolls and brief OOC comments directly related to a particular post. Please sblock if you need to include large blocks of text related to your IC post. All other OOC content should go in the OOC thread itself.
  • Please link all dice rolls back to your dice roller.

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Player Alternates

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