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Fabrizio "Breeze" Quentin :: Engineer


I'm not just some gorram grease monkey, I'm a highly trained engineer!

Attributes d6Arrow03.png

|| Physical d8 || Mental d8 || Social d8 ||

Trained Skills d6Arrow03.png

Craft d8

Fight d6

Fix d10

Influence d6

Know d8

  • Starship Design d6

Labor d6

Notice d6

  • Appraisal d6

Operate d8

Shoot d6

  • Scatterguns d6

Sneak d6

Survive d6

Untrained Skills d4

| Drive d4 | Fly d4 | Focus d4 | Move d4 | Perform d4 | Throw d4 | Treat d4 | Trick d4

Distinctions/SFX d8

Checked SFX are active.

Masters In Engineering - I've studied at the best university in the Core. If I don't know how it works, I can sure as hell figure it out.

☑ SFX, Hinder: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☐ SFX: Experimental Procedure If you replace your Operate or Fix Skill with a d4 for your next roll, gain a Big Damn Hero Die equal to that Skill’s normal die rating if your roll is successful.
☐ SFX: Informed Repairs Spend 1 PP at the beginning of a Timed Action involving ship repair or upgrades. For each of your rolls during the Timed Action, you may reroll any die that comes up 1 instead of accepting a Plot Point for that die.

Collector of Fine Things - Value In, Value Out… that’s what I always say. You need to treat yourself and your equipment if you want the best performance.

☑ SFX, Hinder: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☑ SFX: Pretty Things When you see something you must have, take an Obsession d8 Complication. When you acquire the object, step up the first Asset you create from it.
☐ SFX: On Display Gain 1 PP when you show off your collection to someone you probably shouldn’t show it to.

The Damnedest Luck - I'm no stranger to trouble. In fact, sometimes trouble feels like it’s my long-lost cousin that keeps showing up. Uninvited.

☑ SFX, Hinder: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☐ SFX: Nose for Trouble Gain 1 PP when you stumble into a situation you shouldn’t be in or overhear something you shouldn’t.
☑ SFX: Trouble On My Heels When you are being chased or followed out of a scene, you may step up Sneak or Trick when you roll to slip away.

Signature Assets d6Arrow03.png


Extensive Tool Collection d8 The right tool will make any job easy. Breeze's tools are meticulously labeled, stored and organized, so he always knows where to get what he needs.


Short Barreled Shotgun with Folding Stock d6 When trouble comes knocking, sometimes you have to knock back. Breeze hasn't had this one for long, so it doesn't have a name, but it's come in handy a few times.


Breeze's shaggy black hair is often tucked under his ever present "grey and green" Ariel Institute of Technology (AIT) ballcap. He is normally wears work pants and sleeveless undershirts with logos such as AIT, Fissatore Shipyards, or the Lagos sports team.

When not working, Breeze's clothes, much like his engine room, are meticulously clean. Admittedly, they are a little threadbare from the six months of hard work... and the excessive washing.

When Breeze is working, he often wears a pair of black work sleeves... at least when he's digging inside engines.

Breeze is lean, but puts in the effort to stay in shape. He calls it his 'me' time. He also collects models. He has a Komodo class… one that he was working on in his office on Raven’s eye… and has recently purchased and finished a peregrine class. He wants to continue to build and grow his collection, and is eagerly looking for a Fenris class, or anything from Ballestra Shipwrights.


Fabrizio was born and raised on Persephone, in Persephone City specifically. The Quentin's were a well-off family, but not exceedingly wealthy. His mother was a City Counsellor during the Unification War. She had Independent leanings but was not a major public figure in the way Mayors and Governors were. Fabrizio’s father was a civil engineer, building bridges, damns and other facilities for the city.

His dad gave him the nickname Breeze, though is mother always insisted on calling him Fabrizio. Breeze loved watching starship races, and that became his passion. Not racing… but designing ships. He wanted to work for Ballestra Shipwrights on Athens and design amazing racing ships and beautiful yachts.

Breeze was accepted into the Ariel Institute of Technology and graduated years later with a master’s in engineering. During summer breaks he would intern at Guilders Dry-docks on Persephone to be close to family.

Upon graduation, he started working for Fissatore Orbital Dry-dock above Ariel. He did so for about three years, but his own political leanings, the fact that he was born and raised on The Independent Capitol, and that his mother was still serving in the government there, made the situation increasingly tense.

After extending some feelers, he was offered a job at the mid-sized but ambitious Duànzào (Forge) Shipwrights based on Jiangyin. After a few years working there, he was offered the chance to head up a satellite repair facility on Raven’s Eye station. It was remote and out of the way, but the company was expanding. Success there could lead to a position leading a major facility.

Unfortunately, Duànzào overextended itself. They were hemorrhaging capital even before the Reaver attack on Raven’s Eye. The loss of that repair facility forced them to go under.

Advancement Notes

Possible advances:
Upgrade Shotgun... not until after it gets some screen time.
Upgrade Influence? Not socially awkward, should be decent at socializing when he does leave the ship.
Upgrade Craft/Fix/Know/Operate... once I get a better understanding of the system.
Buy SFX... one of the repair ones seems like a good first choice.
Upgrade Move... is this used to defend against getting shot? I hate not knowing the rules.

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