Firefly: Reavers of the Rim - Character 3

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C.Z "Valdosta" Borzonov :: Pilot


Attributes d8Arrow03.png

|| Physical d8 || Mental d8 || Social d8 ||

Trained Skills d6Arrow03.png

Drive d6

Fight d8

Fly d12

Influence d8

  • Intimidation d6

Notice d8

Operate d6

Shoot d10

  • Carbine d6

Sneak d8

Survive d6

Untrained Skills d4

| Craft d4 | Fix d4 | Focus d4 | Know d4 | Labor d4 | Move d4 | Perform d4 | Throw d4 | Threat d4 | Trick d4 |

Distinctions/SFX d8

Checked SFX are active.

Alliance Marine Pilot - Over Land, Sea, Air and Space

☑ SFX, Hinder: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☑ SFX, I’ve Never Tried That Before: If you replace your Fly or Operate Skill with a d4 for your next roll, gain a Big Damn Hero Die equal to that Skill’snormal die rating if your roll is successful.
☐ SFX, Time for Some Thrillin’ Heroics: Spend 1PP to go first in any battle or combat scene. On your first Action, you may reroll any dice that come up 1 instead of accepting a Plot Point.

Haunted Past - This sort of life has a tendency to catch up with you.

☑ SFX, Hinder: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☐ SFX, Jack of All Trades: Take or step up a Sins Of My Past Complication to step up Shoot or Trick for the rest of the scene.
☐ SFX, Guilt by Association: Gain 1 PP each time your actions cause your fellow Crewmembers to become targets for those chasing you.

The Butcher of Anderson Station - You weren't there, you don't know what happened. True story or not, your name is linked with a famous war action (or atrocity depending on what side you're on).

☑ SFX, Hinder: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☐ SFX, War Stories: When you create an Asset or take a Complication related to a wartime flashback, step it up.
☑ SFX, Don’t Get His Back Up: Step back your Notice die to step up your Shoot die for the scene.

Signature Assets d6Arrow03.png

Alliance Campaign Distinguished Service Pin d6

Floyd Service Carbine since basic training d8


Hailing from the Georgia system world of Newhope, C.Z Barzonov, child of a settler family, was a happy child, a good worker, an able athlete and a quick study. For a settler, C.Z was oddly fixated on the history and glorious propaganda of the Alliance Core Worlds. He volunteered as soon as he was able, and become a Marine pilot, call sign Valdosta on account of his origins. The glory and the actual experience didn't match up, and after his harrowing experiences during the overwhelming bombardment of Serenity Valley at the end of the war. C.Z found his ardor for the Alliance completely gone. So much so that he terminated his otherwise promising career and headed out to the Rim, trying to outrun the stain he feels. C.Z tries to make amends to the settlers and Browncoats he encounters, but closely guards his past as it'll require more explaining than he cares to lay out there.

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