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Step One :: Attributes

Choose which die represents which Attribute. Attributes are Physical/Mental/Social.

  • Either set all three at d8
  • Or set one at d6 one at d8 and one at d10

Step Two :: Distinctions

Choose Three Distinctions. The list of distinctions from the core book can be found HERE.

There are other distinctions listed in published material.

Distinctions are rated d8 by default.

You may also make up your own distinctions. To do this, use the following guidelines:

  • Name your Distinction.
  • Choose three Highlighted Skills to go with your distinction. These should make sense as to how they relate to the distinction.
  • You automatically get the SFX Hinder: Sometimes your distinction works against you. Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP
  • Craft Two more SFX to go with the distinction. These can be re-skinned from existing SFX (or ported over whole cloth), but they should do something similar to an existing SFX.

Choose Two Distinction SFX from among your three Distinctions to activate

Remember, you automatically start play the SFX Hinder: Sometimes your distinction works against you. Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP active on each distinction. Choose two more SFX that are also active at start of play.

Step Three :: Skills

First, list your Highlighted Skills. You will have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 such skills. If a highlighted skill is listed once, it starts at d6 If it is listed twice it starts at d8 And if it is listed three times it starts at d10

All the rest of your skills start at d4

You then have 9 points to bump up your skills. Any skill rated d6 or higher costs one point for each die size you bump it up - to a maximum of d12.

Bumping skills from d4 to d6 costs 2 points.

Skill List

  • Craft - Covers all instances of making things. Build a wall. Craft. Build a bomb. Craft. Etc
  • Drive - Covers driving land vehicles and water vehicles. Covers riding animals such as horses.
  • Fight - Covers all instances of physically attacking another being with fists, feet, or melee weapons or touching someone who might not be willing (hugs, handshakes, etc)
  • Fix - Covers repairs of all kinds, from carpentry to masonry to computers to engines, etc
  • Fly - Covers piloting air and space craft
  • Focus - Covers instances where concentration is more important than the skill you're concentrating on. Often used to resist Influence.
  • Influence - To persuade another to believe or do a thing.
  • Know - Used to put together information or to check character knowledge of a thing
  • Labor - Covers general muscling/sweating/activitying, etc
  • Move - To get from point A to point B. Usually in a timely manner, but also when the way is dangerous or uncertain.
  • Notice - Covers seeing/hearing or otherwise . . . noticing . . . something you otherwise might not. Often used as a counter to Sneak.
  • Operate - To use machinery, computers, etc (Drive/Fly always supplant Operate when applicable)
  • Perform - The use of grace, acting, dancing, playing, etc to influence or impress an audience
  • Shoot - Guns. All the Guns. Pistols, rifles, rocket launchers, lasers. If stuff shoots out of it it uses the shoot skill. Bows and slingshots too.
  • Sneak - Covers doing things unseen/heard
  • Survive - Covers physical survival, usually of the elements
  • Throw - Covers the chucking of things like knives and grenades and bricks and stuff
  • Treat - Covers treatment of wounds, poisons, or psychological conditions
  • Trick - Covers any kind of deception

Step Four :: Specialties and Signature Assets

If your Know skill is rated d6 or higher, you get a free specialty under that skill.

You then have 5 points to divide between your starting specialties and signature assets.

  • Each Specialty is tied to a specific Skill and is always rated d6
    • Specialties cost one point each.
  • Signature Assets are rated either d6 or d8
    • d6 Assets cost one point each.
    • d8 Assets cost two points each.

Examples of Specialties might be, Speed Demon for Drive, or Trick Shot for Shoot, or Knives for Fight, or Misdirection for Trick

Examples of Signature Assets might be, Military Grade Cortex Unit, or Rope. So Much Rope, or Mama Was A Soldier, or Tungsten/Titanium Pool Cue, or Triad Tattoos

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