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Brianna O'Sullivan


Mental d8
Physical d8
Social d8


Drive d6
Fight d8
Fly d12 Transports, Smuggler's Routes
Focus d10
Move d6
Notice d8
Operate d10 EM Countermeasures
Sneak d8
All others skills at d4


Ship's Pilot d8
Never Tried That Before: if you replace your Fly or Operate skill with a d4 for the next roll, gain a Big Damn Hero die equal to that skill's normal rating if your roll succeeds.
Free Spirit d8
Unbound: Spend one Plot Point to double Physical when attempting to escape from bonds or a cell.
Shadows of the War d8

Signature Assets:

Lucky Rabbit's Foot d6


Birthplace: Beaumonde
Age: 29

Born on Beaumonde, Brianna could have been a beauty queen at least at the local level before she was eighteen, but...even though puberty was kind, she developed a specific itch early, and this wasn't the best for her. Even though she made it through a few contests, she was eventually caught in flagrante delicto with one of the judges, which ruined her chances of winning any sort of competition...and building a reputation that was at least half-true.

At least partially disgraced, Brianna managed to secure (under circumstances that were always, in some corners considered...questionable...) an appointment to the Alliance Deep Space Academy. Passing that, and when the War started, Bri had been placed in the Alliance Flight Academy, and made her own call - the rules and regulations she was learning just felt forced, and she found her pace and calling flying for the Independents. She became known, not only for her manner of relieving stress, but as one of the best pilots to call on in a pinch, whether it be a surface drop for troops, aerospace combat, or distance hauling through unsettled space. When the War ended, she found herself without a job, and it took nearly a year to work a pilot's license back from the Alliance, even with the general amnesty offered for many of the Browncoats.

When the War ended, Brianna was out of a job, and even with that amnesty, there wasn't a place for a pilot with her qualifications. She knocked about for a few years before finally managing to get hired on in a permanent position aboard the Righteous Wrath. Frankly, she thinks that the name is hilarious, and has settled into one of the best platonic relationships in her life...perhaps the only true platonic relationship, with an old friend, Chet.