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SS Kairali[edit]



Commissioned just over a year ago, the Kairali is a Monostor-class bulk freighter featuring modern equipment, advanced cargo-handling capabilities, and upgrades for long-distance hauls. It cost Ross Transport a small fortune. This trip to Lennox was only its third round-trip job for Ross Industries. The ship uses exterior cargo pods, rather than an interior cargo bay, for most of its bulk transport.

Ship Sheet[edit]


Engines: d6
Hull: d12
Systems: d8


Monostor-Class Bulk Transport
Corporate Asset
Deep Space Ready

Signature Assets[edit]

Shuttles d8
Advanced Cargo Handling Systems d8

Deck Plans[edit]

Bow Section
Central Stack Decks 1 and 2
Central Stack Decks 3 and 4
Central Stack Decks 5 and 6
Command Tower (Central Stack Decks 7-9)
Aft Engineering

Personnel Files[edit]

Note: These files would also include hiring dates. All of the crewmembers except Kapoor were hired at about the same time that Ross purchased the ship (six to eight months ago). This makes sense, as that was around the time that Mattie was getting Ross Transport off the ground.

There would also be pay routing information, last known address, and the like. If something that's not reflected here that would be in a typical personnel file becomes relevant, I will back-fill it. Don't assume that the absence of a piece of routine information from this summary is significant; I'm just trying to keep the level of detail manageable.

Ship's Captain[edit]

Personnel File Information[edit]

  • Name: Bao-Huang Qin
  • Age: 62
  • Image: A bald, fit Chinese man with a military bearing.

Basic Cortex Search[edit]

Bao-Huang Qin - Rear Admiral, Alliance Navy - has the distinction of being the only Alliance flag-ranked officer to be both commended and cashiered for his activities in the same engagement. Qin commanded the Phobos, a large Alliance battlecruiser and its associated task force of escorts and support ships.

Early in the war, when it looked like the Independents might pull off a surprise victory, Qin led his task force to defeat a much larger Independent fleet in the Battle of the Halo (the Halo is the asteroid belt around the White Sun system, i.e., the Core). Rather than immediately return to his post in defense of Bellerophon after the battle was won as ordered, however, Qin kept his task force on station in the Halo for three days recovering Independent escape pods and rescuing Browncoats from their disintegrating ships.

He retained command of his task force for a time after that incident, but the Alliance's overall victory was secured, he was unceremoniously relieved of his duties.

He does not appear to have much in the way of Cortex personal media, though a news article from several years ago does show him standing next to Mattie's father at a business function.

First Mate[edit]

Personnel File Information[edit]

  • Name: Calliope Drakewell
  • Age: 31
  • Image: A young white woman with Aquiline features and her long hair in a severe ponytail.

Basic Cortex Search[edit]

Calliope Drakewell keeps profiles on all of the reputable professional social networking Cortex sites. There's no indication that she served in the War. She holds two degrees (management and mechanical engineering) from a well-respected university on Ariel. She holds a myriad of professional qualification certificates - Piloting, Navigation, Cargo Handling, etc.

Prior to coming to Ross Transport, it appears that she served on a handful of other transport vessels, all with legitimate transport companies.

Reserve Pilot[edit]

Personnel File Information[edit]

  • Name: Rafe Krinkov
  • Age: 74
  • Image: A going-on-elderly Slavic man with a deeply receding hairline and deep laugh lines on his face.

Basic Cortex Search[edit]

Rafe Krinkov has been working as a pilot on transport ships for almost 60 years now. There's not much information on him on the public Cortex, and he doesn't seem to post anywhere himself, but the spacers boards are full of wild stories of his younger days - dodging pirates, smuggling goods of all sorts, firefights with the Triads, the whole bit. He's never been a ship's captain (other than very temporarily), never been married, never settled down. Just stayed in the Black since he was 16 and lied about his age to get into piloting school.

Chief Engineer[edit]

Personnel File Information[edit]

  • Name: Taki Karlssen
  • Age: 48
  • Image: A multi-ethnic man in middle age, unshaven and looking somewhat haggard.

Basic Cortex Search[edit]

Karlssen is a member of the once-respected Karlssen family, which owned a shipping company of their own. It fell on hard times about ten years ago, and the various Karlssens have been taking jobs with other transport companies since then.

Taki has profiles on several professional sites, but they're indifferently maintained.

Scuttlebutt is that he's a very good engineer, but maybe a little unreliable.

Assistant Engineer[edit]

Personnel File Information[edit]

  • Name: Ewalani Moto
  • Age: 21
  • Image: A young Polynesian woman with a broad smile.

Basic Cortex Search[edit]

Ewelani Moto has a significant Cortex presence. Her professional profiles and several news articles indicate that she received a doctorate in applied physics from a university on Londinium at the age of 18. The Moto family appears to be a member of the Core's upper crust - extremely wealthy and well connected.

Ewelani is active on several spacer message boards and asks lots of questions about spacer life. She also comments frequently on a variety of media review boards and science boards. She has several personal social networking profiles, as well, all of which more-or-less line up with those of a typical early-20-something.

Cargo Master[edit]

Personnel File Information[edit]

  • Name: Agnes Pierce
  • Age: 41
  • Image: A heavily-tattooed, burly woman in her early 40s; her hair is spiked.

Basic Cortex Search[edit]

Don't take a swing at Agnes Pierce. That's the unanimous assessment on the spacer boards on the Cortex. Agnes beat two men to death at Eavesdown Dock in Persephone, and ended up doing a 9-year stretch on a penal asteroid for manslaughter. Mattie is her first employer since her release. Consensus is that she's a great cargo handler, for all that her record is questionable.

Agnes's only presence on the public Cortex is on a site dedicated to a particular Cortex role playing video game. She has strong opinions about the balance in the latest patch.

Cargo Handler[edit]

Personnel File Information[edit]

  • Name: Tazwell Covington
  • Age: 25
  • Image: A very handsome, bald, heavily muscled young man of indeterminate ethnicity.

Basic Cortex Search[edit]

Tazwell Covington, who goes by TazC on the Cortex, seems to be an extreme sports aficionado. He has profiles on all of the major social networking and media-sharing sites, and on each are pictures and vids of his various adventures: aerosat gliding, extreme EVAs, deep diving, etc. He seems to have bounced from job to job, freighter to freighter, looking for work that would take him to places that he can practice his hobby.

Being new to the life, there isn't a whole lot about him on the spacer boards.

Ship's Steward[edit]

Personnel File Information[edit]

  • Name: Evgeni Kapoor
  • Age: 48
  • Image: A good-looking late-middle-aged South Asian man with long black hair.

According to his hiring date, he's worked for Ross for most of the last 20 years. There's also a note about disability accommodations.

Basic Cortex Search[edit]

The name 'Evgeni Kapoor' probably rings a bell for most people, even if they couldn't quite place it. Twenty-five years ago, Kapoor made a name for himself as a dancer, winning several high-profile talent shows and dance competitions. He dropped out of the public eye in his late 20s. Evidently, he was rendered a paraplegic in a de-orbiting accident, and has worked in various capacities for Ross ever since.

Cargo Manifest[edit]

  • 3,500 tons of Lennoxian CrystalOak
  • 1,000 bushels of rye
  • 500 tons of high-grade bauxite

Passenger Log[edit]

Saikhan Harrington[edit]

File Information[edit]

  • Image: An unsmiling east Asian man in is 30s or 40s with close-cropped hair.
  • Destination: Beaumonde
  • Luggage: 1 personal bag, 1 cargo bag
  • Weapon Receipts: Many

Basic Cortex Search[edit]

Saikhan Harrington holds a bounty hunting license from the Alliance. There's not much about him on the normal Cortex beyond that. A look at some spacer-boards indicates that 'hired killer' might be a better description than 'bounty hunter,' and that he's been known to work for organized criminal syndicates.

Kai Redfern[edit]

File Information[edit]

  • Image: A multi-ethnic woman in her late 20s or early 30s with a professional-looking shoulder-length haircut.
  • Destination: Beaumonde
  • Luggage: 2 personal bags, 2 cargo bags
  • Weapon Receipts: None

Basic Cortex Search[edit]

According to her online professional profile, Kai Redfern is originally from Osiris, in the Core. She graduated from Osiris Technical University about five years ago with a degree in Electrical Engineering. She's currently on assignment from her employer, NewSun Systems, working as technical support for various NewSun technologies out here on the Rim. Her interests include running and Earth-That-Was holodramas.