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Magda Jefferson


Mental d10
Physical d8
Social d6


Craft d6
Fix d6
Know d8 Black Market
Move d6
Notice d8
Operate d12
Sneak d10
Trick d10 Larceny
All others skills at d4


Government Experiment d8
Meddled With: Spend 1 PP to step up your Mental Attribute for the scene. Step down your Social Attribute for both this scene and the next one.
Street Rat d8
On the Run d8
Guilt by Association: Gain 1 PP each time your actions cause your fellow crewmembers to become targets for whoever it is that's chasing you.

Signature Assets:

Forgery Kit d8
Cortex Smokescreen d8


Birthplace: Londinium
Age: 19

Dana Howard was a kid that slipped through the cracks. She started out her days on the steps of an orphanage that never had much in the way of funding. Too many mouths to feed, that was their story. Dana was smart, though, and saw the wealth around her, the wealth that no one saw fit to pass along to the needy.

It didn't take her long to learn the world was unfair and it didn't take long once she'd figured that out that she set out to make things a little more fair. At least, more fair for her. Turned out she had a knack for all things technological, mechanical, too. Had a gift for lifting people's wallets, too, and turning around so the blame never fell on her. It was once she'd figured out how to hack the credit system that they came for her. They.

Her memories are ragged for the period after the men with the blue hands came for her. All she knows is the results. She's not whole, the way she was before. Doesn't feel it, anyway. All the things that were good in her, she's better at. All the things she was never so hot at, well, there is now a distinct lack. Everything in her, exaggerated.

The thing is, it's damned hard to contain someone with skills like hers, especially after you magnify them all. It took years, lost years, but she broke free of them. Escaped.

Still, she's always looking over her shoulder, on every planet they land on. Every heist. She makes extra careful to leave no traces of herself, but time is on Their side.


Magda is, in many ways, entirely average looking. Average height, mousy brown hair, brown eyes, darkish complexion and slender. Magda doesn't stand out and likes it that way.