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(Plot Points and BDH Dice)
(Crew (PCs))
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*'''[[Bella Mason]]''' - '''Smooth flyin', Smoother talkin' ''' Played by Xadun
*'''[[Bella Mason]]''' - '''Smooth flyin', Smoother talkin' ''' Played by Xadun
*'''[[Jian Van Jensen]]''' - '''Sawbones @ Large''' Played by Brahnamin
*'''[[Jian Van Jensen]]''' - '''Sawbones @ Large''' Played by Brahnamin
*'''[[Lazarus Jones]]'''-'''Scrounger & Faceman''' Played by Jonesy64

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Firefly: The Path of the Righteous

Crew (PCs)


Surprisingly Determined Executive Chef d8 (Wiley)
Aren't the Only Ones After Him d8 (Shih and Bella)
Let's Have Security Sort this Out d6 (Meizhi)

Plot Points and BDH Dice

Player Plot Points BDH Dice
Meizhi 4 d10
Wiley 3 d10
Shih 3 d10
Bella 3 d10
Jian 1 d10
GM 5

Passengers (PCs)

Passengers (NPCs)

Others (Former PCs)


Previously On

Episode 1: The Wedding
The Righteous carried a young woman to an arranged Tong-related marriage. For purposes of the series, we'll treat this like an unaired pilot.

Episode 2: Except for all the Others, pt. 1
The Righteous accepts a simple transport job and proceeds to become embroiled in the contentious politics of a mining colony and make a few powerful enemies (the political operative/crimelord/all around scumbag Goodman and his hired gun Calvin Bell). The crew at this point consists of Mattie (captain), Sam (first mate), Brianna (pilot), Magda (information technology), and Meizhi (engineer).

Episode 3: Except for all the Others, pt. 2
Continuation/finale of Episode 2. Shih (public relations) and Ward (medic) join the crew. Sam leaves the crew.

Episode 4: Clearing the Air
The Righteous takes a simple salvage job and ends up fighting both a crazed life support AI and its corporate masters. Magda and Ward leave the crew.

Episode 5: Hair in the Butter
Mattie gets information from an old friend (Sam) as to the location of Tom Chaney, the man who killed her father. The crew heads off after him to the border planet of New Kasmir. They run into an old enemy (Calvin Bell), who snatches Chaney from their grasp. Ward leaves the crew; Wiley (wily) and Quentin (pilot) join the crew.

Episode 6: Remember the Alamo
The crew guards the Kaituo ship repair station from Reaver attack. Quentin and Mattie leave the crew. Bella (pilot), Doc (doc), and Will (fancy vest wearer) join the crew.

Episode 7: Fact Checking, pt. 1
The crew revealed an Alliance intelligence operations to fund both sides of an insurgency on the planet Proust. They also got entangled with Alliance intelligence officer Lynch, who definitely will not show up in the future.

Episode 8: Fact Checking, pt. 2
And now, the conclusion... Will leaves the crew.

Episode 9: Sin City