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The Righteous

Dragonfly Transport.jpeg


The Ship Herself

  • Zhèngyí Zh Nù - Dragonfly Class Transport
  • Shuttles (2): Engines d8, Systems d8, Hull d4
  • Banked Episode Points: 0

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Current Episode Information





Plot Points and BDH Dice

Player Plot Points BDH Dice
Meizhi 1 d12
Bella 1 d12
Genevieve 1 d12
Kennith 1 d12
Trân 1 d12
GM 5

Episode Rules

Other Folks

Former Ship Owner

Former Crew

Friendly-ish Types

  • Othais Heelburg - former owner/operator of the vidzu farm in Sackett Valley; family friend of Mattie Ross
  • Raj Heelburg - Othais's husband
  • Hiko Van Allen - Sihnon businesswoman
  • Ghalid and Amal Tawfeek - family friends of Meizhi
  • Carmen Ibanez - independent reporter; anchor of Eyes Open
  • "Blue Eyes" Singh- Carmen's right-hand woman
  • Ivan - Carmen's technical support/Alliance war hero
  • Betances - security chief on Kaituo; dead in suspicious circumstances
  • Marshal Rogers - Town marshal of Whitman on Proust; friend of Betances
  • Davey - Big fan of Bella's from Verbena
  • John Kraig - mathematics professor with contacts in the communications field; crew helped him find his watch
  • Philippe Mahlouf: Second engineering mate on the Thaddeus. Took the picture of the three girls at the botanical gardens.
  • Beauregard Chen: Shih's ex-brother-in-law; good for nothing gambler and grifter.
  • Eleanor: Alliance navy undercover operative
  • Abdul O'Shaughnessy-Ruiz: trafficking victim of the Verbena Syndicate/stowaway rescued by the crew
  • Qin: Captain of the Ross Transport ship Kairali.

Not Exactly Friends

  • Lynch: Alliance Intelligence operative
  • Adelai Niska: Notorious crime boss; currently owns the moon Shalako
  • Charlie Wangzi: Rim outlaw and gunfighter; right-hand man of Benjamina Wade
  • Benjamina Wade: Rim outlaw queen
  • Telemacha: media personality
  • Wetteland: gigantic former cop; now works for Lynch
  • Flora Qin: Captain of the Pirate Cruiser Read; the crew of the Righteous killed her sister, Captain of the Bonney
  • Charlotte Jianguo: Brothel owner/Human trafficker on Ilat that the crew tricked and double-crossed
  • Redfern: suspicious type met about the 'Kairali'
  • Blue Sun: Largest megacorp in the 'Verse; the crew busted into their research facility on Tiantan and destroyed a valuable research project
  • Caduceus Ltd.: biomedical research company involved in some sort of shady research and organ transportation on the Rim
  • Blue Hands: scary operative types chasing down the crew

Previously On

Episode 1: The Wedding
The Righteous carried a young woman to an arranged Tong-related marriage. For purposes of the series, we'll treat this like an unaired pilot.

Episode 2: Except for all the Others, pt. 1
The Righteous accepts a simple transport job and proceeds to become embroiled in the contentious politics of a mining colony and make a few powerful enemies (the political operative/crimelord/all around scumbag Goodman and his hired gun Calvin Bell). The crew at this point consists of Mattie (captain), Sam (first mate), Brianna (pilot), Magda (information technology), and Meizhi (engineer).

Episode 3: Except for all the Others, pt. 2
Continuation/finale of Episode 2. Shih (public relations) and Ward (medic) join the crew. Sam leaves the crew.

Episode 4: Clearing the Air
The Righteous takes a simple salvage job and ends up fighting both a crazed life support AI and its corporate masters. Magda and Ward leave the crew.

Episode 5: Hair in the Butter
Mattie gets information from an old friend (Sam) as to the location of Tom Chaney, the man who killed her father. The crew heads off after him to the border planet of New Kasmir. They run into an old enemy (Calvin Bell), who snatches Chaney from their grasp. Ward leaves the crew; Wiley (wily) and Quentin (pilot) join the crew.

Episode 6: Remember the Alamo
The crew guards the Kaituo ship repair station from Reaver attack. Quentin and Mattie leave the crew. Bella (pilot), Doc (doc), and Will (fancy vest wearer) join the crew.

Episode 7: Fact Checking, pt. 1
The crew revealed an Alliance intelligence operations to fund both sides of an insurgency on the planet Proust. They also got entangled with Alliance intelligence officer Lynch, who definitely will not show up in the future.

Episode 8: Fact Checking, pt. 2
And now, the conclusion... Will leaves the crew.

Episode 9: Sin City
The crew successfully stole the Nokia from the Penthouse at the Mount Nysa hotel on Dionysia. We meet Shih's ex-husband Beauregard Chen and Wiley's new friend Chef Maisie Ryback. Lazarus (businessman) and Jian (doctor/hacker) join the crew.

Episode 10: The Kalidasa Main
The crew successfully fought their way out of an ambush by the pirate ships Bonny and Read. The Read survived, the Bonny did not. The crew used Lynch's cruiser's name as part of a bluff, and Lynch noticed.

Episode 11: Help Wanted
The crew makes it to Verbena to find that Wiley's cousins and another young woman were kidnapped by corrupt local cops and sold off to be used as labor in Rim colonies. The crew breaks up the kidnapping ring with help from Lynch, who puts it out that the crew are Alliance Intelligence agents. Lynch also hires one of the corrupt cops, an unscrupulous giant of a man named Wetteland. Shih leaves the crew. Wiley leaves the crew (to search for his cousins). Jane (backwoods sniper) joins the crew.

Episode 12: Go West, Young Man
The crew helped out Othais Heelburg, an old friend of the Ross family, and his husband Raj. Adlai Niska wanted possession of the moon Shalako and exploited his hold over Sihnon magnate Hiko Van Allen to get it. The crew got Heelburg and his folks away from Niska's mercenaries and helped get Van Allen's son released.

Episode 13: Your Last Battlefield
The crew helped John Kraig, Browncoat war hero, inventor, and rich guy, find a watch that he had lost on the moon Berrimend during the war. The watch contained pictures of his wife and kids from before the war, and for some reasons somebody didn't want him to have it. That somebody was probably Constantine Chen, member of the System Council, but the crew chose not to poke that bear and find out for sure. The crew was opposed by a crack commando unit [that] was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit, who, among other things, published a video impersonating Bella and claiming she worked for Alliance intelligence. Jian left the crew. Genevieve and Mac joined the crew.

Episode 14: Heads Up
The crew traveled to Brunson Station to help Wiley and Philippe retrieve a server full of information related to the Verbena Syndicate's people-trafficking operation, which should allow the pair to track down Wiley's cousins. Wetteland showed up, and is now convinced that the crew owes him one. Chen showed up, as well. The crew also received a gift from Shih - a small box with a human hand inside, still clad in a bright blue neoprene glove. Kennith and Trân joined the crew.

Episode 15: Where the Game is, there will the Vermin be
The crew discovered that many of the Verbena Syndicate's human trafficking victims were being routed through Ilat to a pirate repair ship, the Libertatia. The crew infiltrated and disabled the ship, called in the Navy, and headed out. Jane leaves the crew and Charity joins the crew.

Episode 16: Adrift
The crew encounters the disabled Ross Transport ship 'Kairali' and solves the mystery of who sabotaged it: it's first mate Calliope Drakewell. They also meet a suspicious traveler named Redfern, who refused to involve the authorities despite a violent confrontation with Trân. Laz leaves the crew.

Episode 17: Coreporate
It must have been sweeps week. The crew transports Kraig to the Core to stop a Blue Sun research program that would give the corporation even more power over the Rim. The crew also gets caught up in some sort of biomedical research/organ transportation with Caduceus Ltd. They fight with corporate security and the blue hands. Jenny gets publicly labeled as a terrorist. Mattie fires the crew, and the crew proceeds to steal the Righteous. Kiko sort of joins the crew and then leaves it. Bella leaves the crew.

Episode 18: Against the Middle
The crew gets caught up in the violent political machinations in a small town in a way that is in no way just a rip off of Yojimbo/Red Harvest/A Fistful of Dollars/Last Man Standing.

Advancement Rules Summary

For Characters

  • Turn an Asset from an Episode into a d6 Signature Asset: 1 Episode
  • Switch out a Distinction for a new Distinction: 1 Episode
  • Add a Signature Asset trigger: 1 Episode
  • Add a new specialty to a d6 or higher Skill: 1 Episode
  • Step up a d6 Signature Asset to a d8: 2 Episodes
  • Unlock a new Distinction trigger: 2 Episodes
  • Step up a Skill from a d4 to a d6: 2 Episodes
  • Step up a Skill to a d8 or higher: 3 Episodes
  • Step up one Attribute and step back another: 3 Episodes

Note: No stat can be stepped up beyond d12; no Signature Asset can be stepped up higher than d8

For the Ship

  • Turn a ship Asset from an Episode into a d6 ship Signature Asset: 2 Episodes
  • Add a Signature Asset trigger: 3 Episodes
  • Step up a Signature Asset from d6 to d8: 3 Episodes
  • Unlock a new ship Distinction trigger: 4 Episodes