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Meizhi Lindquist


Mental d10
Physical d8
Social d6


Fight d6
Fix d10 Engines
Fly d8
Know d10 Current Events, Technology
Labor d6
Operate d10 Shipboard Computers
Shoot d6
Treat d6
All others skills at d4


Born in the Black d8
Grounded: Any time you are on a planet, get 1 PP for taking or stepping up a complication representing your discomfort on the ground.
Know It All d8
Ship's Mechanic d8
Zen & the Art of Engine Maintenance: Spend 1 PP at the beginning of a Timed Action involving ship repair or upgrades. For each of your rolls during the Timed Action, you may reroll any die that comes up 1 instead of accepting a Plot Point for that die.

Signature Assets:

Trusty Tool Kit d8


Birthplace: The Black
Age: 20

Meizhi Linduist is a space brat--someone born and raised on in the Black on a space ship or space station. Her parents--Orson Linquist (her father) and Xiulan Lu (her mother)--operated a small trading ship together before the Unification War, engaging in both legal trade and smuggling. Meizhi has never known anything but living on a space ship and feels very comfortable on them--far more comfortable than she does on a planet. In fact, she can’t fathom why anyone would to live up on them--they’re dirty, with all sorts of bugs, and they stink. She’s convinced humanity’s future is in space and that planetary settlements are holding humanity back--and is very vocal about saying so.

From a very young age, Meizhi was both a voracious reader and had a fascination with machines, both encouraged by her parents. She began learning how to repair their ship’s systems almost as soon as she could walk. She is thus, despite her relatively young age, a highly experienced ship’s mechanic. She also read almost everything she could get her hands on, often reading ahead of her age. Despite having little formal schooling, due to her irregular background, she has managed to become highly self-educated. She is also highly opinionated and isn’t afraid of sharing her ideas. She is fascinated with technological innovation and transhumanist ideas and is a vocal advocate for these things. Due to her parents’ experiences in the Unification War (see below), she also is deeply interested in politics and despises the Alliance--and isn’t shy about sharing that either.

Meizhi was still a kid when the Unification War broke out. Her parents sided with the Independents, supplying them with everything from food to arms, often smuggling them past Alliance lines. A few years into the war, Meizhi’s mother Xiulan decided to take the next step and enrolled in the Independent military while her husband Orson continued to captain the family ship and raised Meizhi on his own. When the war was over, Meizhi was eager to see her mother again, but Xiulan came back from broken and bitter from the war. She was never the same and the strain eventually lead her parents to divorce. Orson still loves Xiulan and remains concerned for her well-being, but can’t stand living with the bitter husk of the woman he married. Meizhi’s parents remain on friendly, if distant terms. Meizhi blames the Alliance for her mother’s trauma and her parents’ divorce. In addition to opposing the Alliance’s political principles, she has a personal grudge against them.

Wanting to get away from these bitter memories, when she was old enough, Meizhi moved out on her own and began working as a mechanic independent of her father, working on different ships and space stations. Before she struck out on her own though, Xiulan taught her daughter how to throw a punch and shoot a gun, so she could be sure that her little girl could keep herself safe. Meizhi stays in touch with her parents, but enjoys the freedom of not having her father hovering over her protectively and getting to explore the ‘Verse and see and learn about new places.


Meizhi is a wiry young woman of Asian appearance. As the ship’s mechanic, she usually wears her hair pulled back in a pony tail and a pair of coveralls. When she’s actively working on something, she wears a military-style bandolier with her tools on it--and often when she’s not working on something, if she simply forgets to turn it off. She’s also often covered in engine grease. Generally, she tends to be more concerned with getting things done than how she looks. She tends to be more interested in things and ideas than people, which can sometimes come across off as being stand-offish or stuck-up.