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(Samuel Wade Garrett)
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=== '''Samuel Wade Garrett''' ===
=== '''Samuel Wade Garrett''' ===

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Samuel Wade Garrett

Birthplace: Triumph
Age: 63


Sam was born on a ranch on Triumph. Fascinated by stories of the outlaws and heroes of the frontier planets, he left home at an early age and began to roam. He'd take any job available in order to sate his wanderlust. He soon learned that his fast reflexes and sharp senses, combined with a gun, could make him more money than regular jobs. He worked on both sides of the law and never seemed to settle on which side he preferred. He has been a robber, an assassin, a bounty hunter and a sheriff. In actuality, he's just been a gunslinger putting his skill to use in whatever job was available at the time. He even spent a few years in prison.

During the Unification War, he worked mostly with the Browncoats. He was too old to join the Alliance and saw the Unification slowly whittling away the frontier he loved. He'd always been partial to the bottle, but fell to drinking heavily during the war. He'd lost most of his friends, spent some time in jail, pawned anything of value including his guns, and ended up sick and on the streets of a rim planet town. He was fortunate enough to encounter a kind couple who helped him get back on his feet by providing him with medical care and a job.

A few years later while doing ranch hand work on a rim planet, he heard about that same couple being murdered and decided to pay his respects. Sam met their strong-minded daughter and sussed out her plans. He thought the least he could do was keep her from getting killed, so when he couldn't convince her to go home, he hired on as her First Mate.


Mental d8
Physical d8
Social d8


Craft d6 Cooking
Fight d6 Brawl
Focus d8
Influence d6 Leadership
Know d6 Border and Rim Planets
Labor d6
Move d6 Dodge
Notice d10
Shoot d12 Pistols
Sneak d6

All others skills at d4


Gunslinger d8 (Focus, Notice, Shoot)

Fastest Gun in the Verse: Spend 1PP to go first in a gunfight OR to double Shoot for your first roll in a gunfight. Spend another PP to do both.

World Weary d8 (Craft, Know, Labor)

Done That: When you tell a Crewmember about a situation in your past similar to the one you face now, gain a new Specialty for the rest of the scene. If you use this specialty in a roll and fail, take a related d8 Complication.

First Mate d8 (Fight, Influence, Notice)

Signature Assets: None.