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Lev :: Pilot//Hacker

"You can't take the sky from me . . ."


Attributes d6Arrow03.png

Physical d8 || Mental d10 || Social d6

Trained Skills d6Arrow03.png

Fight d6

Fly d10

Know d6

- Military and Civilian Ship Designations d6

Notice d8

Operate d12

- Infiltrate Systems d6

Shoot d10

Sneak d6

Trick d10

Untrained Skills d4

| Craft | Drive | Fix | Focus | Influence | Move | Labor | Perform | Survive | Throw | Treat |

Distinctions d8

Former Sec-Ops Pilot: Under the radar or coming in hot, you know how to get where you ain't meant to get.

Step Back: Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP
I Know My Ship: You can coax the best out of just about any bucket you fly. Spend 1 PP to step up or double your ship’s Engines attribute for your next roll.

[Highlighted Skills: Fly/Notice/Shoot]

Ghost in the Machine: Ain't a system in the 'verse you cain't hack when you've got a need.

Step Back: Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP
Code Monkey: You are a master at teaching old code new tricks. When you are altering or rewriting programming, spend 1 PP to roll your Trick die and add it to your total on any Operate roll.

[Highlighted Skills: Know/Operate/Trick]

Old Leather Jacket: You wear that flap of battered cowhide like a gorramn uniform.

Step Back: Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP

[Highlighted Skills: Fight/Fly/Sneak]

Signature Assets d6Arrow03.png

Sec-Ops Hack Jacket d8 As much portable computer as practical outerwear, this rugged leather jacket is equipped with hardlinked internal processors and a military-grade cortex suite with variable frequency bandwidth, broad spectrum wireless access, and universal jack ports.

Monkey Fist d8 Favored by police units around the core for crowd control, this compact weapon can be loaded with standard amunition, flexible rubberized riot-rounds, or low velocity chem pods (flash/bang, tear gas, smoke, flares).
[Special: Loaded with rubberized riot-rounds unless otherwise noted]


E18: Epidsode Name - Lev joins the crew.


Lev was born into wealth and privilege, the scion of a proper Londinium family, and raised on the notion that Unification was as inevitable as the stark cold of the Black.

Yet, even before the war, and much to his family's dismay, Lev was already swimming neck deep in the anti-unification counterculture that had sprung up among the affluent youth of the Core. Attending rallies, staging protests, and using his skill with computers to undermine the Alliance agenda was just de rigueur du jour.

When war finally did break out, it seemed like a no brainer to run off and join the cause, training as a supply pilot to support the Independents in a non-combatant capacity.

Or that was the plan.

Predictably, things didn't go as planned.

In his third week of training, Lev's jump shuttle was shot down in a police action initiated by an alliance gunship, and the doctors told him he'd never fly again.

That should have been the end of it, but a singularly plain looking man in a beat up leather jacket and aviator shades visited him in the hospital and offered to pay for his rehabilitation and put him back in a cockpit. Instead of shipping home in disgrace, Lev endured months of experimental procedures and intense therapy as they grafted muscle and bone and flesh and slowly stitched him back together.

Security Operations [Sec-Ops] signed him straight from the facility, and he flew for them until the end of the war.

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