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Genevieve :: First Mate



|| Physical d6 || Mental d8 || Social d10 ||

Trained Skills

Craft [d8]

  • Trideo Production [d6]

Fix [d6]

Influence [d10]

Know [d8]

  • Languages [d6]

Move [d6]

Notice [d8]

Operate [d8]

Perform [d6]

  • Song [d6]

Trick [d10]

  • Avoiding Culpability [d6]

Untrained Skills

Drive, Fight, Fly, Focus, Labor, Shoot, Sneak, Survive, Throw, Treat [All d4]


Cortex Technician: [d8] Waves in the black don’t just happen. From world to world, you’ve made sure nobody stops the signal.

  • Step Back: Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP
  • I'm Working Here: Spend 1 PP at the beginning of a Timed Action involving communications, data, or computer equipment. For each of your rolls during the Timed Action, you may reroll any die that comes up 1 instead of accepting a Plot Point for that die. If a die comes up as a 1 when rerolled, it may not be rerolled a second time.
  • In the Loop: You may spend Plot Points for anyone with whom you are in direct contact via a communications network.

[Highlighted Skills: Fix/Know/Operate]

On a Different Level: [d8] People aren’t up to your speed. The conversation you’re actually having is very different from the one they think they’re having.

  • Step Back: Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP
  • Two Meanings: Gain 1 PP when you withhold information from someone through euphemism and double-talk.
  • We Don't Have Time For This: During a Timed Action, you may reroll a die in a failed Trick roll by taking or stepping up an Evidence We Were Here Complication.

[Highlighted Skills: Influence/Know/Trick]

Trained Singer: [d8] Your voice is one of the sweetest things in the ’Verse.

  • Step Back: Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP
  • Private Audience: When you need to get someone alone, spend 1 PP to force their entourage to wait outside.
  • Perfect Pitch: When you fail a Perform roll, spend 1 PP to reroll a die. When you fail a Notice roll, take or step up a Sensitive Ears Complication to reroll a die.

[Highlighted Skills: Craft/Notice/Perform]

Signature Assets

Unredacted Footage [d8] Genevieve is always recording, preferably in full audio and 3-D video, using concealed equipment most of the time and a Fujikon Otomo recording drone she nicknamed 'Peep' whenever she can. This way, she always has the true story available when someone releases scratchy, edited footage to make her and the crew look bad. And plenty of raw material to do the same thing to others.

Too Blonde to Ignore [d6] With the right mannerisms to go with her natural golden locks, she can take advantage of low expectations.

One Foot in the Backdoor [d6] If Genevieve has already gained access to a computer system - through social engineering or just hacking it successfully once already - future intrusions become easier with familiarity.

Character Bio

Genevieve is the daughter of a wealthy family on Greenleaf, who always wanted to be glamorous just like the Companions in the trideos (and occasionally, on Mother and Father's arms). Over their strenuous objection, once she was of age to start down that path, she slipped away from home to go to Shinon to train as a Companion; and with her there already, it would have been an even greater loss of face to demand her back. While she took well to the communication, artistic, and cultural training, she didn't enjoy the work like she expected; or rather, she didn't enjoy it when it WAS work. So she came home during her apprenticeship instead, and quietly took a respectable job as a corporate PR flack in a local company. To keep her reputation, she really doesn't want to be connected to the crew blowing stuff up or killing people, so tries to give pacifistic guidance.


  • Your Last Battlefield - Introduced
  • Heads Up - Too Blonde to Ignore
  • Where the Game is, there will the Vermin be - One Foot in the Backdoor
  • Adrift - Banked
  • Coreporate - Banked

Current Notes

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