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Elder Sign.jpg

Scenario Overview

A group of individuals get drawn in to weird events happening in seaside New England in the 1920s.

Helpful Resources

Mechanical Game Information

Player Investigator HP Sanity Magic Points Insanities Notes
brahnamin William "Liam" Johnson 8 82 18
DannyK Archibald "Wink" Winkworth 12 60 12
Roger Gertrude Bradley 14 41/45 9
pstjmack John Perry 10 41 10
Regular Guy Vernon Weatherby 10/14 60/59 12
RuneMagus James Scott

Important Places

1920s MA Road Map.jpg

Please note: While we're using real place names, the game takes place in an ahistorical past. Any resemblance is coincidental and/or for convenience.


Nantucket Map.jpg

Upper Main Street Nantucket.jpg

  • Population = ~3,000
  • Primary businesses: Tourism, fishing

After Oar

After Arms.jpg

  • Technically now just a boarding house, thanks to Prohibition, it's still the best place on the island to get a pint.

Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard.jpg

Oak Bluffs Map.jpg

  • Population = ~1,000
  • Primary businesses: Tourism, fishing
  • Also known as "Cottage City" for its famous "gingerbread cottage" style houses

Important People

  • Sig Torvald, Nantucketer ne'er-do-well fisherman -- he bumped into Queer Island, lost SAN, and is now catatonic.

Investigative Leads


  • 22nd, Morning: Sig finds the cat-headed staff.
  • 22nd, Evening: Sig sells the cat-headed staff to Mr. L'Armon in Oak Bluffs.
  • 23rd, Morning: Mr. L'Armon and Pastor Silent meet in Oak Bluffs. The object given from the former to the latter is presumably the staff.
  • 23rd, Later: Pastor Silent's church burns and he reportedly dies there.
  • 23rd-24th: Sig on a bender in Boston and then Nantucket.
  • 25th: Investigation begins. Investigators first trip to island. Sig murdered at New Hospital in Oak Bluffs.
  • 26th: Today

People Potentially Involved

  • Sig Torvald (deceased; local ne'er do well fisherman who found the staff)
  • Mr. L'Armon (purchased the staff from Sig in Oak Bluffs; later gave it to Pastor Silent)
  • Pastor John Silent (deceased; pastor of small, odd church in Oak Bluffs; took staff from Mr. L'Armon)
  • Doctor Vickers (Sig's doctor at the New Hospital; saw something)

Those in bold have not been investigated.

Important Objects

  • Cat-headed staff (found by Sig near the Island)
  • Strange rock (same)
  • Strange kelp (same)
  • Burned-out church (Oak Bluffs)
  • Holy Way Hymnal (Gertie)

Those in bold have not been investigated.