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Flame-of-Burnt-Brandy is a Prismatic AI whose synthetic mind one day grasped an iota of the mystery of metaspace and now can teleport. Woah!


  • Class: AI/Psychic (Adventurer)
  • Level: 3
  • Experiences: 0/4
  • Skill Points Unspent: 1 (banked for Teleport skill rank 2)


  • Strength 12*
  • Dexterity 12*
  • Constitution 12*

Physical attributes dependent on current armature (Synth)

  • Intelligence 10 (-)
  • Wisdom 18 (+2)
  • Charisma 8 (-)


  • Background: Interstellar shipping/logistics AI
  • Goal: Discover the metaphysical/metadimensional mysteries of SPACE
  • Home "Court": The Digital Palace of Regent Cherry
  • Languages: Novesperanto, Prismatic, Colorful


Flame-of-Burnt-Brandy is


  • Fix-0
  • Pilot-0
  • Program-0
  • Shoot-0
  • Stealth-0
  • Teleport-1


  • Psychic Training - Teleportation
    • I've had special training in a particular psychic discipline.
    • Level 1: Gain any psychic skill as a bonus [Teleport]. If this improves it to level-1 proficiency, choose a free level-1 technique from that discipline [Spatial Awareness]. Your maximum Effort increases by one.
  • Waymaker
    • I have eldritch powers of navigation and pathmaking, perhaps from the guidance of familiar Shadows, an intrinsic grasp of transdimensional space, or arcane methods of pattern-shaping. While potent, these gifts are not generally applicable to aiding spike drills.
    • Level 1: I always know your exact location, whether on a planet or in space, and the correct bearing to any other location known to you. You have an eidetic memory for paths and travel routes. You can gain a point of System Strain to automatically de-activate, unlock, or bypass any single sealed door, hatch, or other barrier within your sight, forcing it to remain open for at least one round per character level. Such arcane opening never triggers any associated automated alarms or magical counter- measures, but sentient guardians may notice it.


  • Psychic Teleportation [5 Focus Max]
    • Personal Apportation [Core]: The teleporter can translocate to another location they have either occupied before or can see with their unaided vision. Locations are fixed in reference to the nearest major gravity well. For example, it is not possible to teleport to the cockpit of a distant moving vehicle they once occupied, but they can teleport to another point on a planet’s surface even though the planet has since moved far through the stellar void. The core technique allows the teleporter to move himself and any mass he is able to carry with his own natural strength. Resisting targets cannot be carried along, and unresisting ones must be touched. A tele- porter can leave any clothing, shackles, adhesions, or other matter behind when he teleports, but he cannot leave behind matter that has been inserted into his body, such as cybernetics or shrapnel. Matter cannot be partially left behind. A teleporter will instinctively abort any apportation that would leave them embedded in a solid object or in an environment of imminent physical harm. Any Committed Effort on such aborted jumps is wasted, as is any action spent triggering the power. Teleporting with Personal Apportation counts as a Main Action and requires that the psychic Commit Effort for the scene. The maximum range of Personal Apportation depends on the teleporter’s skill level. At Level 1, that range is 100 meters.
    • Proficient Apportation [lvl 1]: Personal Apportation now counts as a Move action, though it still can be performed only once per round. Apportations of 10 meters or less no longer require Effort to be Committed, though any augments to the technique must still be paid for normally.
    • Spatial Awareness [lvl 1]: The psychic may Commit Effort as an On Turn action to gain an intuitive 360-degree awareness of their physical surroundings. The sense is roughly equivalent to sight out to 100 meters, though it cannot read text or distinguish colors. It is blocked by solid objects but is unimpeded by darkness, mist, blinding light, holograms, or optical illusions. The sense lasts as long as the Effort remains Committed to the technique.
  • AI Routines [3 Processing Max]
    • Query Data [lvl 1 Core]: Commit Processing for the scene as a Main Action; ask one question about a database you have access to and get a reply as if you had virtually unlimited time to search and examine the database’s contents.
    • Split Focus [lvl 1 Core]: Commit Processing as an On Turn to count as multiple people for operational purposes as long as the Processing remains committed. At first level, you are equivalent to three people, tripling with each successive character level. If additional Processing is Committed, this number can be boosted: x10 for the second point, x100 for the third, and so forth. If this Routine is made free by an artifact or ability, only the base cost is eliminated. This functionality is meant to mimic the AI’s control of a ship, a facility, a drone army, or some other general role rather than simply to make X additional copies of the character, and the GM is within their rights to prohibit the AI from bringing along a legion of themselves on any particular adventure.
    • Augmented Targeting [lvl 1 Peripheral]: Commit Processing for the scene as an On Turn before attacking a non-sentient target. Your ability to integrate physical predictions with environmental readings ensures that your attack will inevitably hit the target for maximum damage. Note that animals and vehicles piloted by sentient pilots are not valid targets.

Cybernetics and Shell Abilities

  • Synth Armature
    • Some mechanical shells are built to be almost indistinguishable from more organic shapes, and the Synth is one such android form. A Synth is indistinguishable from a human without a medical examination or significant physical trauma to reveal its artificial workings. While a normal human shape is the baseline for a Synth, it is possible to build models with far more exotic and fanciful configurations that still appear organic.
    • Basic Abilities: A Synth does not suffer the usual mechanical shell penalty on Charisma skill checks, and can pass in areas where overtly mechanical shells might draw unwelcome attention. Their base Armor Class is only 10, however. A Synth’s artificial nature becomes obvious if it is reduced to zero hit points.
    • Affinity Abilities: A practiced Synth user can maximize their mechanical advantages, raising both Strength and Dexterity scores to 14, and gains a bonus 5 hit points.


  • Laser Pistol
    • Attack Roll: +1
    • Damage: 1d6
    • Mods:


  • Name: Secure Clothing
    • AC: 13
    • Mods:

Other Stats

  • HP: 13
  • System Strain: 0
  • Base AC: 10 [Synth]
  • Base Attack Bonus: +1
  • Saves
    • Physical: 13
    • Mental: 12
    • Evasion: 11
  • Movement Rate: 10 meters/round
  • Encumbrance: None
    • Readied: 6/6
    • Stowed: /12


  • Readied
    • Secure Clothing
    • Laser Pistol
    • Dataslab
    • Postech toolkit [enc. 3]
  • Stowed
    • Line shunts (2)
    • Metatool
    • Spare Parts (3)
    • Type A cells (2)
  • Non-encumbering
    • 95 Credits
    • 5 AFB


-Main Page: SWN:_Prismatic_Spray