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"This is not just a deck, my man, this is a Smokewalker IV, crafted of Dragon-seared Obsidian, carved with Mnemonic Runes of Kherosh inlaid with orichalchum and finished in genuine 100% bloodglass, with full nine-planes access, a twelve point six yard access range to the two finger candle standard, anti-daemon surge buffers, ghost capture storage and personalised user-only access soul imprinting. Its guaranteed untraceable by any one using anything less than Level 6 Scry-Smoke and in the right hands, could flare-tag every beacon in the city in a single run without the Paladins ever knowing it was you.

"That'll be 600 gold, please."

Overview of Technology and Weaponry

Flamepunk is based off Cyberpunk, and one of the great joys of Cyberpunk is stuff.

Let's face it - you could be the toughest street warrior in the city, but if you're running around in your skivvies with no tech save for a combat knife, you're going to get seriously burnt by the Guild Hellforged with Hellblade, Pyre-Caster and Reinforced Steelplate Armour. You could be the hottest blazer that the world has ever seen, but unless you have a tooled up Obsidian deck, you're not going to be worrying the Church of Holy Flame with your flamerunning antics.

But to tool up, you either need a sponsor who can buy you the stuff you need, or a serious chunk of cash.

Happily, character generation gives you a serious chunk of cash, and the jobs you run will bring in even more. For those of you with bad memory, the default starting cash is 1000 Gold Dragons (or 1000 Creds if you like Guildspeak, or 1000 Lizards if you're streettalking).

Obviously this isn't enough, so you'd better start earning some more, right?

Let's go shopping.

The Shopping List


Almost all Equipment has an Encumbrance Value, representing how heavy and unwieldy they are to use. Characters can only carry a combination of equipment with a total Encumbrance Value equal to or less than their Focus. For most player characters, this means total Encumbrance cannot exceed 6 points.

Note that the "Tank" physical trait increases this Encumbrance maximum.

Mobility Penalties

Some particularly unwieldy equipment also has a Mobility Penalty.

Mobility Penalty from different pieces of equipment is added together and applied as a total Mobility Penalty to the character.

A character with a Mobility Penalty who attempts a Move Action pays a surcharge of dice equal to the Mobility Penalty to attempt the action. For example, if a character wants to make a 3-dice move action and he has a Mobility Penalty of 3, then the action instead costs him 6 dice to attempt, though he still only gets to roll 3 dice.

Note that the "Tank" physical trait offsets mobility penalties to some degree.

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