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Dearest Beloved Brother Random,

Submission? Really? You want my submission?

You want handcuffs and restraint leathers too? Perhaps a leather hoodie?

I find myself thinking how to defend my actions now that the cabal i supported is gone. I know Caine and Eric and Gerard may have been the public face, but ask them, the living ones, if i was a full member of their plots. Eric turned on me around the time Corwin got his memory back but don't we all play things on the fly sometimes?

So the war has come and the war is won. Oberon is dead, or sleeping, depending on your philosophy. Of all the wargods that fought over the prize, the clown prince gained it.

So what now? I am a practical woman. I never held you in animus. Very well, i admit you were not my favorite but it was mainly because of the people you brought around. The time a few of your friends came to my place in upstate New York, and stayed for several months. They strained my barstocks and stained my carpets. You scared my neighbors. The house smelled of cigars and bourbon and rum and man...juice.. for months afterwards..

We all overstay our welcome from time to time.

Patternfall was a clean slate for us all. So i now approach my future in the undoubted reign of King Random.

Undoubted. I remember your herald saying that..It hit me hard. Undoubted. No matter how valid his claim, Eric was a doubted king. Finndo claimed the throne in a dire emergency and Oberon soon returned, so his reign was doubted, eventually tragic. Corwin? Ya, his 5 second reign was certainly contested. Contested at branding iron point.

Now though... Oberon is mostly dead and off the seat as well. Eric is dead. Finndo is gone. Corwin declined.

And where is brother Random? In Amber, with a wife who is far to good for him, and a son who has been tested in fire, yet remains loyal.

We could do worse. A cardsharp as king? That trade translates to diplomacy well.

I will give you my fealty brother, to whatever degree you will take it. I will do your biding as you command it. I will defend Amber, as I always have.

I will bend my knee as you ask, but do not ask it often. I do it to encourage the nobility to follow suit. If they will, i trust the realm will be secure.

Princess Florimel of Amber.

Jeweled Amber