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*Life Support: 8 Persons
*Life Support: 8 Persons
*Consumables: 1 Month
*Consumables: 1 Month
*Hardpoints: 4/4
*Hardpoints: 3/4
*Dorsal Auto-Blasters. Fire Arc Forward. Damage 3, Crit 5, Close Range, Auto-Fire. Slaved to Pilot Station.
*Dorsal Auto-Blasters. Fire Arc Forward. Damage 3, Crit 5, Close Range, Auto-Fire. Slaved to Pilot Station.

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A Play-By-Post game run by The Wyzard.

Jedi 1200.jpg

Player Characters

  • Anton Hazard, (Guardian, Peacekeeper). Strain: 0/13. Wounds: 0/15. Soak: 4. Defense: Ranged 0|Melee 0.
  • Davran Paca, (Sentinel | Artisan). Strain: 0/14. Wounds: 0/12. Soak: 3. Defense: Ranged 0 | Melee 0.
  • Riina Sherrik, (Mystic, Advisor/Seer). Strain: 0/14. Wounds: 0/14. Soak: 3. Defense: Ranged 0|Melee 0.
  • Sarasa Cheman, (Ace, Gunner). Strain: 0/12. Wounds: 0/14. Soak: 3. Defense: Ranged 0|Melee 0.
  • Tyra Szdanor, (Ace, Pilot). Strain: 0/12. Wounds: 0/14. Soak: 3. Defense: Ranged 0|Melee 0.


  • SD-R2 is a standard Astromech droid. Statistics as per Edge of the Empire.

Retired Characters

  • Kortana Vaal, (Sentinel, Artisan). Strain: 0/13. Wounds: 0/12. Soak: 2 (3). Defense: Ranged 0|Melee 0.

XP Awards

  • 50 Special Bonus XP at creation, spendable on attributes.
  • 50 XP (Chapter 1)
  • 50 XP (Chapter 2)

Loot and Lucre

Slush Fund: 1392 credits

Undistributed Loot

Skills Spreadsheet

Character Skills

Duty, Morality, & Motivation

Anton Hazard

  • Duty: Recruiting (5)
  • Morality: 50
    • Emotional Strength: Pride
    • Emotional Weakness: Recklessness
  • Motivation: Riches

Davran Paca

  • Duty: Intelligence | Tech Procurement (5)
  • Morality: 50
    • Emotional Strength: Pride
    • Emotional Weakness: Obsession
  • Motivation: Cause (Overthrow the Empire)

Riina Sherrik

  • Duty: Sabotage (5)
  • Morality: 50
    • Emotional Strength: Justice
    • Emotional Weakness: Cruelty
  • Motivation: Justice
  • Motivation: Learn about the Jedi

Sarasa Cheman

  • Duty: Support (5)
  • Morality: 50
    • Emotional Strength: Bravery
    • Emotional Weakness: Obsession
  • Motivation: Keep my Promises

Tyra Szdanor

  • Duty: Personnel (5)
  • Morality: 50
    • Emotional Strength: Enthusiasm (Always ready to try something new)
    • Emotional Weakness: Greed ("Those who strive for worldly pleasures, whether power, wealth, or personal comforts...")
  • Motivation: Freedom: "All sentient beings must have the opportunity to make their own decisions [...] The character seeks freedom for the enslaved and oppressed..."

Duty Chart

  • Sarasa: 1-5
  • Anton: 6-10
  • Riina 11-15
  • Tyra 16-20
  • Davran 21-25

The White-Winged Dove

Twilight zpsqwbfuhvt.jpg

Statistics & Mods

  • Corellian Engineering Corporation G9 "Rigger" Light Freighter
  • Silhouette 4
  • Speed 2
  • Handling -2
  • Defense: Forward 1 | Aft 1
  • Armor 2
  • Hull 0/25
  • Strain 0/15
  • Systems
  • Class 3 Hyperdrive
  • Navicomputer
  • Sensor Range: Medium
  • Life Support: 8 Persons
  • Consumables: 1 Month
  • Hardpoints: 3/4
  • Weapons
  • Dorsal Auto-Blasters. Fire Arc Forward. Damage 3, Crit 5, Close Range, Auto-Fire. Slaved to Pilot Station.
  • Ventral Light Blaster Cannon. Fire Arc Forward. Damage 4, Crit 4, Close Range. Slaved to Copilot Station.
  • Outrigger Turret w/Linked Medium Laser Cannons. Fire Arc Forward, Starboard, Aft. Damage 6, Crit 3, Close Range. Slaved to Gunnery Station. (This weapon taken from Bandin Dobah's ship.)
  • House Rules
  • The G9 is a model of simple and cheap construction. Repair costs are halved.
  • While it doesn't have the most cargo capacity, the cargo bay door is enormous. The G9 is capable of carrying the smallest of snub fighters, speeders, or ground vehicles at Referee discretion.


  • Cargo Capacity is 80. Note that in my opinion, one largeish crate of cargo is equal to 5 ship encumbrance. Therefore, the Dove is capable of carrying 16 units of cargo, less any other nonsense you put in the cargo hold.
    • Blaster Cannon (Light) -- previous weapon rigging on ship

G9 Rigger Cutaway

G9 Rigger Cockpit


Friendly Contacts

  • Godon: A young and inexperienced Rodian bounty hunter who owes you a great debt.
  • Zukata: An elegant Rodian woman who works for a cartographic software company.
  • Drunberg the Hutt: The PCs successfully returned a bounty to him. He doesn't owe them any favors, but he considers them credible operators.

The Empire

At the top of the Empire, there sits the Emperor. Of course, he has mostly retreated to his palace-planet, and is little-seen in these days. Rumor is that he's like a spider at the center of his web, watching and seeing all, and issuing shadowed orders. That may or may not be true, but his rule is unquestionably now carried out by proxies. There are a nigh-infinite number of layers and divisions of Imperial bureaucracy and governance, but these are some of the major ones.


The Territorial Authority Board divides the Empire up into regions, plans colonies and expansion, appoints Planetary Governors, and liaises between them and other branches of the Empire.


The Rapid Economic Advancement Plan is an umbrella mandate for building up the Empire's military and productive capacity, and anticipating economic needs generally. The Emperor feels that racially homogeneous societies are the most efficient, and so where the clash in values and needs between different alien species affects Imperial interest, the RElocation APparatus can assist in moving the inefficient elements to new homes where they can be happier and more productive.


Essentially the Imperial police force. Their mission supposedly focuses on interplanetary crime, but in fact they often have units in larger urban areas that "supplement" local policing.


Social Control monitors communication, identifies dangerous or treasonous elements, and provides high quality 2d, holonet, and cultural programming for Imperial citizens. They operate re-education centers throughout the Empire.


Bureau of Ships and Services.

Imperial Army

Imperial Navy

Storm Troopers


Star wars galaxy map with bg by offeye-d4y2cum.png

Scan of Hutt Space from The Essential Atlas



Lore, Rumors, Quests

Eriadu Artifacts

Stormtroopers caught and executed a smuggler, confiscating his cargo. Some of that ended up in Eriadu. We think this happened around 100 years ago. Professor Ashur Sungazer brought it to our attention:

  • "Hello, my friend! It has been some time since we last spoke. However, I've come across something...something of the sort of thing you told me that I should keep an eye out for." Ashur grins and holds up a stone talisman in front of the camera, and brings it in close for a tight focus. He tilts the stone slightly, and tiny veins of color appear on the surface. "I found this in the Archive at Phelar University. The crystallization in the stone reminds me of certain old legends that we discussed. The engravings are certainly thousands of years old, in any case. I'd rather not speak more here, the Empire tends to censor our communications. But if you can meet me on Eriadu, I can show you this in person. Make sure to bring credentials; the relic can't be taken form the Archive and only accredited scholars can gain access. Not that that should prove to be too much of a problem for you, I think. Come quickly, my friend! We have much to discuss."
  • ship's transponder
    • Riina is able to get an old transponder code and the name of the ship, the Astral Jester. She's heard a few folktales about a captain of a ship called the Astral Jester who claimed he knew secret hyperspace lanes through the Deep Core. One day, he never returned from his travels there.
    • A hundred years ago, the captain of the Astral Jester filed dozens of well-documented erroneous flight plans, hoping to establish a claim for a Deep Core hyperspace lane. The flight plans detail lanes from Coruscant to Fedalle, Koler, Khomm (a Deep Core planet with a genetically modified biosphere), and Mauphin (a minor Core system trailing Daupherm.)
  • Stormtrooper Report
    • "Lieutenant TK-575 reporting. All useful cargo has been confiscated and added to our stores. The smuggler has been judged and sentenced." [Sounds of blaster fire in the background.] "All other cargo, a transponder, helmet, electronics, and some sort of necklace, will be delivered to Eriadu. Nothing else to report."
    • The archive contains records of older, declassified military mission reports. You find that TK-575's tour of duty included a winding path from Commenor to Exodeen, Empress Teta (near Koler) and Lamman (an asteroid system trailing Duro), hunting for criminals, smugglers, and contraband.
  • Droid Control Core: You're looking at a partially functional control core to a Basilisk war droid. They were enormous, four-legged walker droids that Mandalorians rode like animal mounts, because Mandalorians were batshit insane. No one makes them anymore, nobody makes anything even vaguely resembling them anymore, and entirely new construction techniques would have to be reinvented to build something like them again.
    • The Archive and the Empire officially believe the Basilisk war droids to be a myth. Research missions to the Basilisk system have revealed only a primitive reptilian species. Fabled sightings of War Droids occurred on worlds including Basilisk (an environmentally damaged core world) Gefthaine (a primitive forest world near Mandalore), Koler, and Mandalore (the outer rim world where the Mandalorian clans originated.)
    • [CORRECTION: Basilisk war droids were much MORE sentient than other kinds of droids. That's part of what made them weird and dangerous, I guess?]
  • damaged helmet: It's a Mandalorian helmet. It was very definitely cut by a lightsaber.
    • A good number of papers document the losses the Old Republic took on Churr (a minor farming world near Quellor), Commenor (a wealthy planet in the colonies), Duro, and Koler.
  • Ilum Talisman
    • A roughly teardrop-shaped stone chip about two and a half centimeters long, with distinct but unrecognizable carvings. A hole was drilled through the top and a woven cord strung through so that it could be worn like a necklace.
    • Sarasa feels a jolt through the force when she touches the talisman. It feels alive, somehow, or connected to things. She doesn't have the skill to examine it further, though.
    • When Riina looks at it from certain angles, veins of crystal are clearly visible running through the stone. Ilum was known for crystals used in lightsabers, so that's at least potentially consistent. There's some writing on the back, too, but it's in a script she doesn't know.
    • Davran remembers an old story about a Jedi Master named Val Ilsa. Ilsa wore a charm like this (unusual, since the Jedi eschewed jewelry), and guarded a "traveling sky temple" of some kind. Davran can be pretty sure it's the same talisman, because the script on the back translates to "Val Ilsa, Jedi Master." It's an ancient proto-Republic dialect, and probably not something a forger would know how to do correctly.
      • The highly redacted records around Val Ilsa depict her as a mad, reclusive painter and any associations with Jedi Powers as merely children's stories. Curiously, there are no images of her paintings and only a few mentions of specific titles, these being: "Bespin: Air." "Dantooine: Stone." "Koler: Fire." and "Mon Calamari: Water."
    • The few, highly redacted, papers you are able to find suggest that the Jedi believed crystals contained nature spirits. Other papers suggest that the crystals on Ilum included psychoactive toxins, the hallucinations caused by which gave rise to the myths of Jedi supernatural powers. No scholar managed to set foot on Ilum, all the papers borrow heavily from Imperial ground and survey reports. Absolutely nobody has any specific information on where Ilum is.
    • Seek power ("Where was the traveling sky temple? Where was the talisman from?"). The Ilum talisman, combined with Davran's abilities, point's straight up toward the sky. If you were outside, it would be pointing toward the core.

House Rules

Important Posts

Important Links


Star Wars RPG Dice Symbols

Spending Advantage and Triumph in Combat

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