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Part of the RPGnet Forum Archive.


A fun CoC Idea - The Doom That Came to Hazzard

Anyone need a good Necronomicon?


Biting Danger! (Monstrous roleplaying for WUSHU)

Bizarre behaviors at conventions


Campaigns I Have Never Run (but want to)

[Creative exercise/game] Present a setting solely in terms of character classes.

The Contents Of A "Certain Secret Government Warehouse (tm)"...

Contribute Your Eerie Event

Creepiest Person You've Gamed With: Update: Returned to the fora for your viewing, um, pleasure by Darren: Section 1; Section 2; Section 3; Section 4; Section 5; Section 6.

... part 2


[D&D3.5] Fighter (etc.) build strategies

Describe your favorite game setting as a bad movie trailer

DMing 101?

Dreams of a Long Campaign


[Exalted +] Solar High Essence Charm Challenge - custom high Essence Solar Charms for Exalted 2nd edition

[Exalted] Arianna explains... Combos! - (1st edition)

[Exalted] Arianna explains... Not Dying! - (1st edition)

[Exalted] Arianna explains... Specialties! - (1st edition)

[Exalted] Arianna explains... Stunts! - (1st edition)

[Exalted] Cult Solar examples - (1st edition)

[Exalted] Initiative Tracking in 2E - Tick Wheel on post 80

[Exalted] Mnemon explains... Lunars! - (1st edition)

[Exalted] Mnemon explains... Solar Combat Tactics! - (1st edition)

[Exalted] Mnemon explains... Solar Combat Tactics 2! - (1st edition)

[Exalted] Mnemon explains... Solar Combat Tactics 3! - (1st edition)

[Exalted] "Most NC-17 Exalted Character" contest

[Exalted] Over the top descriptions of the setting

[Exalted] Return to the Tomb of 5 Corners - Second Edition demo game

[Exalted] Stephenls does the Tomb of 5 Corners

[ExaltedPlus] Apotheothis: Collaborative Campaign Creation

[ExaltedPlus] How awesome is it when you can attack people infinite times?

[Ex2] A Rant (Criticism of crafting rules in Exalted 2)

[Exalted 2] Combat 201 - Second Edition combat tutorial

[Exalted 2] Exalted 401: Runing the World with Mandate of Heaven

[Exalted2] Social Combat 101

[Exalted2] Social Combat 101 - Part 2

[Exalted 2] With Apologies to Kasumi: Combat 301 -- War

[EX-NC17] Second Annual "Exalted" NC-17 Character Contest: Announcements, Rules & FAQ

[EX-NC17] Second Annual "Exalted" NC-17 Character Contest: Submissions & Commentary


Fallout PnP RPG Resources

Free graph paper, custom hex grids and everything in between.


Gaming Webcomics



I think its time for a World's Worst Player Character Concepts Thread!

In which we Exalted-ize our favorite epics for Sidereal plot ideas.

Insane Tales of the Gaming Industry

I'm gonna make a PC for every game I own! a.k.a The Create A Character thread.




League of Rejected and Embarrassing Superheroes


[Mage: The Awakening] Rumors, in the tradition of UA

Magical Pixie Wolves - Apocalypse of Hearts

[M:tA] Talk me into your Order!

Middle Earth D6

My hate of d02 know no limit.


Name That Party!

Name That Party Again!

[nWoD] Japan


[Occult Modern Settings] The Wikipedia Supplement

OK, Can someone explain the 'Big Model' to me?

Overly Honest RPG Book Covers (Classic Thread)

1001 Stuff found in Crates


Photoshop a game that doesn't, or maybe shouldn't, exist

Pitching a game by making a movie poster


Questions Based Setting Creation


Roleplaying online

RPG Darwin Awards

RPG Motivational Posters


Sell me on Heroquest - by telling me what you're doing with it. - Lots of Heroquest goodness, including suggestions for Star Wars and Exalted conversions.

Son of "Campaigns I'd love to run..."

Sorcerer - A Menu - RPGnet Forum and other links, all quality, for the Sorcerer RPG.

Stupid GMs Thread


The Best Threads on RPG.Net]

The Most Factually Incorrect Statement Made At Your Table

There's a reason we call 'em the Good Old Days

Things you've seen in games that are so dumb, you should've beaten the GM senseless.

Things you've seen in games that are so dumb, you should've beaten players senseless.

Thoughts on Coteries

Thoughts on Rites of the Dragon

Thoughts on Antagonists

Thoughts on Nomads

Thoughts on Bloodlines: The Hidden

Thoughts on W:tF

Thoughts on Lancea Sanctum

Thoughts on City of the Damned: New Orleans

Thoughts on Hunting Ground: The Rockies

Thoughts on Ghouls


Using audio in RPGs?


[Vampire: The Requiem] Rumors, in the tradition of UA

[V:tR] Talk me into your covenant


[WotG] Auspicious Vandalism Style

[WotG: MSM] Chef of Iron Style: Contest Honorable Mention

[WotG] Kung Fu Contest Winner 1: All-Piercing Spear

[WotG] Kung Fu Contest Winner 2: Golden Vampire

[WotG] Kung Fu Contest Winner 3: Way of Mutable Flesh

[WotG] Million Style Manual Kung-Fu Contest

[W:tF] Talk me into your Tribe!

What do you want in a Post-Apocalyptic RPG?

What's up with Palladium and BTS? :Post #184 by Bill_Coffin is the most relevant part of the thread. This is the (in)famous thread where Bill Coffin shares his inside view as to how Palladiumbooks is run.

[WUSHU] Honor, Betrayal, and Mantis Style

[WUSHU for EXALTED] First Take