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Part of the Tangency Forum Archive.

Index of the Cliff Notes

In the thread Classic Tangency: the Cliffs Notes, teucer proposes to "post synopses of and great quotes from meme-spawning threads". This idea proves successful, and quite a few such summaries are posted in the thread. At the time of this writing (8 June 2005) the thread was almost 700 posts, and finding the summaries has become a bit tedious. This page, then, is intended as an index of those particular posts.

(Update: As of 20 December, 2006, 10:16 PM PST, the thread was up to 911 posts)

Individual Summaries

#1 Officer Shoves, Arrests Pregnant Woman Over Loud Call (Origin of "Vigorous Aliveness")

#10 My hate of d02 know no limit

#59 Somebody *Desperately* Wants to Be Me... (or, The Skarka Clone Wars)

#78 Police expert claims Bigfoot 'proof'

#90 Finally pinned down what I don't like about MMOs (from Other Games Open)

#97 Deviant Desires

#103 Is there actually an RPG called Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

#107 Review of F.A.T.A.L.

#140 I am a ball of hurt and rage

#177 Anti-Zionist Website of Interest

#189 Unheilig's fascist sig - wtf?

#221 "What's New?" comic in the back of Book of Erotic Fantasy

#222 ass worms!

#227 An Open Letter to Allan Sugarbaker

#230 Annoying Gamers Again

#252 Poopy Avatars

#291 I'm looking for a date at Gamefest this Saturday in Milwaukee
#344 I met a girl at Gamefest in Milwaukee...

#371 Does anyone else look at this website for laughs?

#382 Orson Scott Card is a flaming, gushing asshole of burping vitriol

#408 Help me find a Russian Mail-Order Bride!

#426 The storied career of jarz

#437 Octopi can write! GAH! (but can't find Germany)

#439 Most horrible character concepts you've ever seen
#442 Should the U.S. . .

#464 I am not going to a Rage-Aholics meeting

#480 Burn This Book! Book titles that cause outrage

#483 A Strange and Incomplete Tale (Long)

#506 New RPG needs Assistance

#520 Ultimate Tale of Ninja Mastery

#526 Badass bids you all adieu....Last post by AmericanBadass

#537 Sometimes I don't understand People.....

#599 Ok, it had to be done: RPG.net Slash

#740 Assorted threads relating to WhatsOn's DBZ RPG

#775 Roleplay A Fellow Member of Tangency

#805 Man what - a brief summary

#815 Kylie Minogue has breast cancer a Ross N thread

#867 {rant} prudish gamers

#902 {Four Bastards} Escaping the "Just Friends" Box a lesson by Patrick Y of the Four Bastards Academy