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''As a made man, he was already "in the door" with the bosses, but in order to move up in the ranks he had to do more and more to prove that he was worthy of more responsibility. He was already in charge of a second story team, but he wanted more. More responsibility meant a bigger cut, and that's what he was all about.''
''His next job was to off two men that had been identified as snitches, though that was not his department, he was not about to say no.''
''The two men turned out to be harder to kill then he thought they would be. He was forced to flee into a chemical plant to hide. The men had to be with the government as they had very high-tech equipment.''
''The two men chased him from floor to floor in the plant, always driving him upward. He was going to be trapped if he did not find a way out. He looked over the ledge of his walkway and saw a pool below, his body acted before his brain could override the decision. He jumped.''
''The men chasing him fired at him as he dropped past their position, only hitting a power line that was hanging from the other side of the walkway.''
''He hit what he hoped was water just seconds before the power line hit. His body never felt the liquid that he dove into, for it was frozen solid the second he hit the surface. By time the power line hit the liquid oxygen, he was long gone.''
''He woke up in the hospital with strange new powers, he had found a new way to make a good living.''
''As Freon''
'''Freon''' PL 10 (150PP)
'''Freon''' PL 10 (150PP)

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