Frost Sword

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The Red Walker

Frost Sword +3 Sword, +5 vs fire using/dwelling creatures.


In addition to the bonus shown vs. creatures of fiery origin, the weapon scores triple damage whenever a 20 is rolled. It is able to dispell a Wall of Fire and gives its user the same protection as a Ring of Fire Resistance.


Sword +3, Frost Brand, +6 vs. fire using/dwelling creatures, bestows the +6 bonus in a self-explanatory manner. The weapon does not shed any light, except when the air temperature is below 0" F, but it does give special benefits against fire, for its wielder is protected os if he or she were wearing a ring of fire resistance and whenever it is thrust into fires it has a 50% chance of extinguishing them in a 10' radius - including a wall of fire but excluding a fireball, meteor swarm, or flame strike.