G-Men vs the Unknown

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A Trail of Cthulhu Pulp Project Covenant campaign. The Keeper is DannyK.

Forum Threads

Agents of Note

The Keeper's Investigator Matrix.

Bureau Policy

  • All Agents will present a clean and alert appearance and wear suits at all times.
  • All glory goes to the Bureau, and none to the individual Agent
  • Follow the directions of your Special Agent in Charge (SAC)
  • Keep Mr. Hoover informed. On no account should Mr. Hoover learn about a major development from his morning paper rather than through official channels.

Unofficial Policy:

  • Don't get mixed up in the Syndicate.
  • "Shoot to kill, then count to ten." -- Homer Cummings, U.S. Attorney General

Contacts and Connections

Law Enforcement

Special Agent in Charge Melvin Purvis


Jake "Greasy Thumb" Guzik, Syndicate accountant

Jimmy, Syndicate wheelman

Georgio & Helena Balsamo


Agneta, the Balsamo's Polish nanny and cook

Friends and Family