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[[Category: Legend of the Five Rings]]
[[Category: Legend of the Five Rings]]
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=GM Resources=
=GM Resources=

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GM Resources

This is the place to find GM-helpful material: story seeds, campaign information, pregenerated NPCs and locations, new mechanics and more. Players should seriously consider whether they ought to be reading any of this stuff.

Story Resources

Challenge, Focus, Strike

  • The place to find and post story seeds in the classic "CFS" mode.

Complete Adventures

  • Complete modules and stories, including NPC stats and appropriate rewards, if any.


  • Campaign background information. Post for others to use, or just tell how cool you are!

NPCs and Monsters

  • Allies, antagonists and horrors straight from the Pit to spice up your game.

Rules Resources


  • Rules explanations, modifications and so forth.

The Battle Table

  • Information and expanded options for the Battle Table.