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(The Big Fight)
(The Big Fight)
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[[GWS:Vurga Heilig|Vurga Heilig]] A Nazi Hexe (witch)
[[GWS:Vurga Heilig|Vurga Heilig]] A Nazi Hexe (witch)
[[GWS:Agent Conway|Agent Conway]] A Nazi agent
====The Gossamer Hawk====
====The Gossamer Hawk====

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Superheroes against the NecroNazis

Hitler's necromancers have raised an army of the dead and the damned. His "scientific" charnel houses have created dark arts to craft ubermensch out of living and dead tissues, and together with the vicious rocket powers of Werner von Braun he is well on his way to conquering Europe, and then the world.

Already France, one of the great powers, has fallen. Of course, there is the dashing and debonair Resistance, a swashbuckling group of thieves, spies and expatriates who take pleasure in operating under the very noses of their oppressors. But can they long stand alone?

The Faerie armies that rose to the aid of Britain (in honor of the long-ago pacts) and the steadfast RAF are doing their best, but soon the full force of the enemy must fall upon them. The Russians with their dark sorcery cannot be called upon (or, perhaps, even trusted) to help ... not with Hitler pressing the land war against them as well. There is only one bastion of democracy that remains with the power and the determination to defend all that is right and good.

American know-how and Yankee ingenuity have cracked the super soldier serum ... well, mostly. America's newest, greatest, weapons are still very much in their testing phases, and the serums have a disconcerting tendency toward creating unexpected abilities that fit only awkwardly into a theater of war. Nonetheless, recruits for all branches are clamoring to be given the arms and the powers to take the fight Over There. But with Rommel massing his mummy tank divisions in North Africa, and der fuerher's dreaded Sea Wolves striking with near-impunity against the shipping lanes, will America's heroes be deployed in time?

And what of the rumors that the Japanese have, with their conquest of the Chinese mainland, finally gained the resources and ancient tablets necessary to unlock the ultimate human potential for martial arts? Do they really have fighters that can skip over the surface of the ocean and tear apart battleships with their bare hands? How can any force hope to stand against such powers? And if they have such powers, will they not turn their eyes toward America's amber waves of grain, across the Pacific?

There are those who say that America's contributions lay not primarily in warfare (though war, of course, is becoming inevitable) but in our ingenuity and our daring, pioneering spirit. From across the globe, those with extraordinary (and often disturbing) powers have gathered loosely under the auspices of the United States Navy. This band of multi-national misfits have been striking blows for democracy in unexpected places like the pyramids of Giza, the mountains of Tibet, and even the ancient cities of Antarctica. They argue that small forces of spectacularly trained men and women can do what whole armies cannot. But will the government really listen to a group of undiscplined ne'er-do-wells? Or will Washington decide to take the safer, more cautious path?

What happens ... next week?

The Characters

So far the main emphasis of our input has been in the creation of our own spotlight characters, as follows:

(played by dunlaing) Devon McWilliams was turned away from the Navy for being too short. It boiled his blood that he wouldn't be able to help out against the Nazis and Japanese, but it seemed like there was nothing he could do about it, at least until he got a call from his sister asking him to meet her in Washington, DC. Devon's sister was busy getting ready when he arrived, but she had left a pitcher of drinks on the table, so he helped himself. When Julia came out, she was shocked to see her brother drinking her experimental Shark Repellant! Julia quickly brought Devon down to her office at the OSS for tests. After extensive testing, they realized that not only had Devon grown to a full 6 feet tall, but he now possessed the ability to control sharks, and his teeth... his teeth! The effects wore off after a few hours, but with Julia's help Devon created a supply of Shark Repellant that should last him through the rest of the war, and Landshark was born!
Dain McEwain
(played by Sensorium) Dain McEwain was her Majesty's royal navy's deputy liaison to the fay kingdoms, that is until the damn fay started to give him psychotic episodes. Quickly relieved of his duties, he was sent on a bum assignment to Australia, supposedly to make friendly contact with the native fay, but really just to get him out of the British Isles, where he had angered a number of fay nobles before being relieved. Reports say that Dain was taken into the bush by a local guide. Two months later he returned a changed man, with a harsh laugh and a waning respect for authority, which landed him in the brig. The next day, it appeared that Dain's cell had momentarily attained the consistence of spaghetti. Dain himself was "sleeping" at the bottom of the base's, now reeded and festering, pool, and one of the tanks had been disemboweled by a large tuscked creature. Not caring to think about what Dain had really become, The Australian Navy began the process installing him in an American "Super Soldier" team, figuring it would be easier and cheaper to aim him at the Nazis than to try to imprison him.
Arjan Visser the Dutch Doodlebug
(played by Mandacaru) Having been recruited by force to the Nazi’s iniquitous V-4 programme, Arjan Visser, an engineer originally hailing from Scheveningen in Holland, spent many moons plotting a way to escape his captors. Befriending the colonel in charge of the necrowarrior plant next to the Bremen doodlebug factory, he discovered their sinister techniques for animating flesh. Eventually, using himself as a subject, he merged his body with one of his rockets and fled the continent for Britain, his last hope. Landing just short of the White Cliffs, he was rescued by a patrol boat and, after much prodding and poking in a secret laboratory, was sent on to Los Alamos where, once more, following certain tests with radiation, a general scratching of heads led him to be passed on.
Rebecca Achilles, PhD
(played by TonyLB) Doctor Rebecca Achilles was once lab-assistant to Nikolai Tesla, and is now an all around Two-fisted Mad Scientist. She drinks too much, chain-smokes and hangs around with ruffians and thugs at every opportunity. She's violent, ill-tempered and disrespects authority. She is also, of course, a Genius with a capital G, and an adventuress who has travelled everywhere and has contacts (pleasant and unpleasant) in every corner of the world. So, despite the trouble she causes, she is tied with this Allied unit that the rest of our misfits are part of.
Lucy Cannon
(played by Kintara) Lucy is the adorable niece of the CO, who happens to have a cannon grafted onto her arm. As you might imagine, sometimes her aim can be a bit off, but she means well!
(played by Threlicus Natalia Marciano was a maid in a secret laboratory before she was exposed to super-soldier serum in the middle of a terrible fire. Now she's the one controlling the fire. The US military are a little suspicious of her -- she's Italian after all -- and she's been assigned to our unit to see what they can do with her abilities. Hopefully they'll avoid being the target of her temper!

Backup Characters

The Big Fight

Helga Von Hohenzollern The German aristocrat that the team was sent to rescue

Vurga Heilig A Nazi Hexe (witch)

Agent Conway A Nazi agent

The Gossamer Hawk

Frasier Brendan An OSS agent with ties to Landshark

Savate A Vichy French collaborator/toady who is a master of Savate, the French martial art.

The Spirit of the Gossamer Hawk A dirigible that can become invisible, the Gossamer Hawk was developed by the USAF and then handed over to a Nazi spy.

All the Characters From the Scene as they were when the scene ended


VernichtungTräumer Inhuman Nazi magician in charge of the Cairo pyramid tomb excavation.

Opening Scene

Kurt von Marek

Thing in the crate

DRG Rheingold

Jackbooted Thugs

Sensorium 13:39, 21 December 2005 (PST)


This is just a note to remind Bill to come up with l'Esprit de l'Escalier at some point.

The World

Very little has yet been defined for certain about the game world or our place in it ... though lots and lots has been posited.

Scene Seeds

A bank of short, two or three line, seeds for possible scenes. Don't use anything that you want to have control of, as some one else might pick it first. The Bank is here.


The Rules

Current Mechanics

Check out where we're currently at, mechanically speaking.

Rules System

The game is run under the Capes roleplaying game system.

These are the house rules for the Great War Supers play-by-post game.

House Rules

Spotlight Characters
Each player must designate one character as their Spotlight Character. This character may only be played by the player who chose them. The cost to play the character is the same as normal, and the character need not be included in every scene.
Support Characters
To encourage the creation of a supporting cast linked tightly to the Spotlight characters, the Exemplar rules are restricted as follows: Exemplar relationships must be between one (1) Spotlight character and one (1) non-Spotlight character. This means that relationships between two spotlight characters or two non-spotlight characters must be indirect. Arjan and Dain cannot get a mechanical bonus for being brother and sister. However, Arjan can be arch-enemies with Baroness von Grimm, and Dain can in turn be romantically involved with von Grimm, for an indirect relationship between Arjan and Dain.
Interlude Scenes
Because of the breadth of the world, and the limits on our speed of play (PBP), I recommend that (between other scenes) players be permitted to create an interlude scene for a cost of one Story Token. The scene is to be created collaboratively, with other players kibbitzing and the paying character having the final word. Any player may, seeing the content of the scene, veto it for any cause. I think this will encourage the creation of little "eye of the common man" interludes that help expand the world and foreshadow the troubles that will be more forcefully revealed later.

Comics Code

  1. Spotlight characters may not be killed.
  2. The war may neither be lost nor won.
  3. Exemplars may not be killed, save by agreement of the players of all Spotlight characters to whom they are related.
  4. Innocents may not die as a result of either action or inaction by the spotlight characters (this comics code entry was discussed and discarded: innocent lives are not protected by the comics code, except for Exemplars and Spotlight characters)

PBP Adjustments

Reaction List
People should maintain the Reaction List of which conflicts they intend to react upon. If everyone who has shown any inclination to react on an event has already done so then play proceeds without checking each time whether the players who have begged off want to change their minds.
Claims and Reactions
Claims and Reactions are done in whatever order people post. In cases where there would be an actual conflict ("Hey, it matters that I would have gone before you") we'll retroactively fix it.
You snooze, you lose
If there is a situation where we are wondering whether someone is going to do something or do nothing then after 24 hours they will be assumed to be doing nothing, and play will proceed.

Our Story So Far

Scene One: Landshark and the Thing

Scene Two: Catastrophe in Cairo

Scene Three: The Gossamer Hawk

Outstanding Questions

What is the nature of our Commanding Officer? Where do we fit in the military hierarchy? Does Doc Achilles have command duties that she's supposed to perform? How bad do things get when (oh, I suppose "if", but let's be realistic) she fails at those duties?

How long has our group been operating together? Are we a well-honed (albeit unconventional) team? Or are we a bunch of misfits just now thrown together and told to operate as a unit or else? Or something in between?

How much of the backstory do we want to define in this Wiki just as a fun exercise in group writing? How much of it do we want to leave deliberately undefined until we bring it up and hash it out in play?



TonyLB speaking: We are part of the broad spectrum of the RPGNet Wiki here. The organization of the Wiki is only going to be as tight as the organization of its members. I'm not a crusader on this point. I don't think that we need to go out and "fix" how other people are doing things. However, I do think that in the context of the Great War Supers game, we should put in a little effort so that people can find our information when they're looking for it, and don't trip over it when they're looking for something else. I recommend the following:

  1. All Great War Supers game pages should have their link-names inside the namespace 'GWS'. This a little work, but quite possible with Wiki's piping capability: basically, instead of simply linking with [[LandShark]] you link with [[GWS:LandShark|LandShark]]. The blank pipe in the middle tells the Wiki to link to the first phrase (GWS:LandShark) but to display the second phrase (LandShark). I wish there were an automated way to make this happen without all the fol-de-rol, but if there is one then I haven't figured out what it is. I'm pretty new to Wiki though, so this whole recommendation may go away if I can figure out something clever.
  2. If you write something that has relevance beyond the Great War Supers game, make sure you reference appropriate Categories. If people fill these in, they can function as a table-of-contents for the whole Wiki. If nobody fills them in then we'll all be thrown back on keyword search, which (while cool) doesn't really accomplish the same goal. To include a Category link, simply type [[:Category:Whatever]]. If you're creating a new category, give it some structure. For instance, there simply wasn't a PBP category when I started writing up this page. Which, y'know, that's no good.

On a pure "between us" level of etiquette ...

  1. I think it's worth signing your edits, just so that people know what's coming from who, and when. This is dead easy to do: just type four tildes, "~~~~" and the system will enter your name and a date once you save, like this "TonyLB 12:03, 13 November 2005 (PST)". Make sure you're logged in, or all we'll get is an IP address, and I for one can't translate those to people.
  2. I'm not so sure about whether we should leave dangling pages. As you're writing up a page, you may realize "Hey, this is a term that people might want to define further!" You can just bracket (say) "Faerie Army" as [[GWS:Faerie Army|Faerie Army]], without bothering to actually create any material to link to. This will let anyone who feels like clicking onto it get a new page to write into. Is this something we should be making an effort to do? I've done it on this page ... maybe people can give some feedback about whether they find it helpful or distracting.
  3. I like to pick up tidbits about real history. I especially like being able to tell my real history (which I can use in conversations outside the game) from my fake (which, obviously, would lead only to ridicule). Items from real history should be tagged somehow ... possibly even put on separate pages and then transcluded into accounts of our totally fictional history. That way we can be educated while we play! I'll try to figure out "templates" well enough to give folks some useful tagging tools.