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This is a lit of general artifacts for the use of game masters everywhere.

Van Real Glasses. (21 pips)


  • 2 Vs Firearms-Protection from general road damage and effects against the eyes.
  • 1 ability -Multi-spectrum eye protection from incoming effects. Lasers, flash, blinding light, etc
  • 1 ability – See through Invisibly.
  • 1 ability -See through Illusions.
  • 1 ability -X-ray Vision. Thermal Vision, See retained heat signatures.
  • 1 Ability-Binocular/Microscope vision

x3 Horde (21)

A product of a technology that matches reactive glass and highly potent materials with elements of magically alloyed materials allowing them to work against magical and technological effects.. Variations of colors available.

Elayne's Cats. (30 pips)

  • 2 Chaos vitality
  • 2 Double Speed
  • 2 Amber Stamina
  • 1 Combat training
  • 1 Vrs Weapon
  • 1 Extra hard Damage
  • 1 Speak & Sing (Psychically connected and able to speak across shadow)
  • 1 Sensitivity
  • 2 Rapid healing
  • 1 alt form-Cat is the basic form. Each has a different Alt-Form.
  • 1 ability blink 30'

x2 N/n 12 individuals

NP Graduate Blade. (6)


    • 4 Deadly Damage
    • 1 Rack a Spell-Return to Wielder
    • 1 Attuned-slips from the hands of anyone but an NP graduate.

Graduates of Benedict's Personal Training Academy

Navy Blade (63)

Tot-21 each Mithril Blade (The Navy Blade)(Original Created and Paid for Oberon) Used by admirals on duty.

  • 7} Double Speed 2 -Transfer 5
  • 7} Combat Reflexes 2-Transfer 5
  • 4} Deadly Damage
  • 1} Mold Stuff-Find in Shadow if lost.
  • 1} Alt Form-Bowie knife
  • 1} ability-Return to hand

x3 Horde

Cavalry Blade (48)


  • Mithril Blade (The Cavalry Blade)(Created by Oberon)
  • A thin, curved, familiar saber used by generals on duty. A horseman's blade with various shapes
  • 9} Enigine Speed 4 - Speed 4-Transfer 5
  • 4} Deadly Damage
  • 1} Mold Stuff-Find in Shadow
  • 1} Alt Form-Bowie knife at the current time.
  • 1} Rack Spell-Return to hand

Cavalry Blade.jpg

Trident Dagger

Trident dagger.jpg

Tot-9 Trident Dagger

  • 4 Deadly Damage
  • 4 Invulnerable to Damage
  • 1 Rack a spell-Ink Wound

The Trident Dagger is an extremely common style of dagger for Amberites. Its more a defensive weapon.


A small stringed lap harp. Mithril strings.

  • 4 Invulnerable
  • 1 Able to Speak -Remembers songs played and can repeat them.
  • 1 Rack a spell-Variable amplification.

Personal Motorcycle

  • 2 Chaos Vitality
  • 4 Extraordinary Movement.
  • 2 Amber Stamina
  • 8 Armor Ruggedly Invulnerable. While the vehicle itself is extraordinarily rugged and resistant to damage and wear, its riders seem to share a general invulnerability to the elements, general fire effect, wind damage, elements of a material nature being cast at it including rocks, insects, and bullets while the vehicle is in motion.
  • 2 Speak & Sing. Not quite sentient, more emphatic, it has intelligence enough to adapt to conditions, protect itself and its riders, even if they are inexperienced, and to behave in the manner an experienced rider would choose. Anticipates choices. For its principle companion it seems to exude a sense of comfortable companionship and willingness. It may have a sense of protection for them. It has an unspoken, sub-sentience that make accept upgrading.
  • 4 Extraordinary Psyche Sens.
  • 4 Seek in Shadow. Will seek its rider if separated
  • 4 Mold Reality. Makes its road smoother when needed
  • 8 Item Extraordinary Regeneration. transfer 5-Any rider is treated with Extraordinary Regeneration 4 while in contact to the vehicle
  • 8 Extraordinary Shape shift. 'It tends to shift to whatever shape a vehicle of its type would be considered stylishly exciting. In realms without such appeal it reverts to its blue early Harley appearance. The tendency to chose a “Stylish” appearance seems to exude a degree of vanity about its own appearance. Its rider may suggest shapes and design and it will nearly always comply, but may revert to its own choice of appearance.'

There is a sense when riding it that it is a happy and willing tool. Its almost a sense of faithfulness. There is a sense it has been other things then a motorcycle.. As if it knows what its like to be a bulldozer, or a airplane, or a pizza oven. Brief and infrequent flashes of a mechanical awareness pass to its primary companions

Flora's Dogs

Flora's Regular Dog breed

Flora's Dogs - Irish Wolfhounds

  • 2 Chaos Vitality.2
  • 2 Double Speed 2
  • 2 Amber Stamina 2
  • 2 Combat Reflexes 2
  • 1 Vs Weapons 1
  • 2 Double Damage 2
  • 1 Able to Speak 1
  • 2 Sensitivity to dangers 2

14 x3 Horde


Flora's Big Dogs

  • 4 Amber Vitality
  • 4 Engine Speed
  • 4 Endless Stamina
  • 4 Combat Mastery
  • 4 Invulnerable
  • 4 Deadly Damage
  • 1 Able to Speak
  • 2 Sensitivity to dangers
  • 1 Chaos Resistance
  • 1 Shadow Trail
  • 4 Regeneration
  • 2 N/n

33 x2 N/N