Gerald Greywood

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Gerald Greywood

NG Male Half-Elf/Enhanced Werewolf (residual effects)

Ranger 11/Dragon Knight 2


Gerald takes after his Human father more than his Elven mother. Tall, powerfully built, and intimidating, he is a commanding presense in any room. His brown hair is kept neatly cropped, and his brown eyes have gained an animalistic intensity due to his Lycanthopy infection. His right eye was lost to the Blood Claws, and has since been replaced by a Perception Seed graft.


New Info[edit]

After the death of Cassius, Gerald has been named acting commander of The Watchmen until he either accepts the full mantle or finds someone worthy of it. The position of Arch-Duke of Shadowfast is also his to take if he wishes. Considering he's also in a very strong position to take the mantle of King of The Reaches, he really doesn't know what to do with his newfound political power.

Of course, with the death of his old nemesis, Lord Darro of Aundair, he finally sees the chance for reconciliation between the two countries. Queen Aurala's affection for him has not dimmed, and her taking full control of her country may likely bode well for future relations between the Watchmen and Aundair. Having been born to parents that split over the Seccession during the Last War, his mother supporting the Reaches and his father becoming a well respected leader in Aundair, he is in a uniquely suited position to bridge the long festering gap.

All this, however, is not forefront on his mind. Thelia's impending due date is something he waits for with both dread and joy. Joy that (according to Patch) he's going to have a daughter, but dread that she may yet end up in the hands of that slimeball Merrix D'Cannith III, just as Thelia did. He's not sure what he'll do about that yet, but the look on Ben's face when he talks about it says to him that there is more going on than anyone guesses.

On a different note, he and Kiri seem to be getting used to the idea that they might have somthing going there, even if actually acting on that attraction is still not in the cards with the issue of Thelia's relationship with both of them the foremost of obstacles. Amethyst's constant pressure on them, as well as surprisingly sage advice, has at least gotten them to admit there's something there (yes, Gerald's freaking hopeless in romance if left to himself :D).

The graft seed for his right eye is the last remaining bit of Oalian left, and it contains (most of) the Great Druid's consciousness. Gerald is so far unaware of this, his encounters with the Greatpine surpressed with his consent to protect the secret, but it all may be ready to come out with both Raven dead and the Reaches no longer under immediate threat of disintegration. Through the Divine Spark Oalian carries, Gerald has inherited the one Raven carried, though how this will affect him is anyone's guess.

Lastly, the madness of the Lycanthropy left behind has become a separate entity in Fenrir. What it will do now that it is free, and how it will try and use his form, weighs on Gerald's mind. He's glad that the beast no longer threatens to overtake him, but curses that it is free to roam, even if the separation has apparently weakened the beast. In a somewhat positive note, Gerald retains the heightened senses and somewhat enhanced physical abilities given him by the infection, and (even if he's not sure this is a plus) it seems his attractiveness to Werewolves and Wolf Shifters has not dimmed.

Old Info[edit]

Gerald is a serious man in his early fifties, and his time as a soldier still seeps through to his everyday activities (though he has begun to loosen up recently). He has a bit of a dry wit, and is decidedly more level-headed than Ben Though the Werewolfism made his impulses stronger, he refuses to let them rule him. After their parent's deaths in the Last War, he watched over his little brother faithfully, and the two have a very strong bond.

Gerald is a master Swordsman, his enchanted Scimitar cleaving a path of destruction on any battlefield. He keeps with him a healty supply of knives of various enchantments, from Silver, to Cold Iron, and more for his second hand. Hardy and unafraid to throw himself into harms way to save his allies, he is well regarded by his fellow Watchmen. Maevac looks up to Gerald, being under the mistaken impression that he is a Paladin of Boldrei (Cassius may or may not have had something to do with that), and has gained some combat experience from him, but the Werewolfism has made the young man a bit wary of him.

While being imprisoned by the Blood Claws, Gerald had his right eye forcefully removed. As a replacement, Oalian offered up one of his own seeds to be used as a Perception Seed graft. The unusual powers present in this gift from the Great Druid has granted the two a partial bond. This bond allowed Gerald to see and feel the Great Druid's death, and nearly killed him as well in the process.

During a rescue in Castle Ebonhold, Gerald was infected with a modified form of Lycanthropy (Werewolfism). The new form nearly overwhemed him, and the light of three moons nearly drove him to kill his friends and allies, but they were able to subdue him before he could do permanent damage. The modifications included making it near impossible to cure his condition, if not outright removing the option. The curse has left his DNA permanently changed, though what that means for the future is still unknown.

The curse was bound and left largely inert with the help of Thelia and her Spirit Guide, but had begun to resurface. Kiri used a Wish spell she had been granted to finally banish the curse from him. Though the modifications remain, Gerald is extremely grateful. The source of the Wish, Moloch, being the bastard he is, likely fulfilled it is such a way that will screw him over in some way. Signs already show of a creeping madness in his consciousness that reminds him of his time under the Werewolf's curse.

He and Thelia have finally admitted to their fellings, and are now lovers. Knowing that he's helping her move forward is a great sense of pride to him, though he's still very concerned about her falling into depression again. Though everyone else knew it, it's now blatantly obvious that he's head over heels in love with her. He's almost literally taken a bullet for her on several occasions. He's also pretty sure it's only a matter of time before people start asking when he's gonna propose.

  • sigh*

As a side note, he has a running vendetta against Trent Carlyle, having been his platoon's only survivor of an encounter with the mercenary during the Last War. As Ben has taken a liking to him and he has aided Thelia, Gerald has decided to wait and see if indeed Trent has changed.

Hints for Roleplaying: Serious, well spoken, and a gentleman, he is a good man disillusioned by the futility of war. He tries to do his best, but the apparent "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" rule of Eberron seems to haunt him.

Shadows over Cyre or Wrath of the Lich Queen