Get Rich or Die Trying, A Red Markets Campaign

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In which we follow the exploits of the Taker crew Peace, Love, and Undertaking on their journey to better the lives of the Lost and those that call the enclave, Sky High, home.



The Takers

Taker Template
Iustum as Collar
Raveled as Kennel
IronMongoose as Moonchild
Atlictoatl as Whisper
DannyK as Dean


Takers at a glance
Crew Budget and Portfolio

Optional Rules in Effect

  • Basic Refresh - Use Refresh as needed, no rolls required.
  • Default Rolls - Unskilled attempts are possible. Roll your potential or less on 1d10 to Succeed. You cannot Critically Succeed on a default, but roll a second 1d10 to confirm Crit Fails.
  • Lucky X - Takers may use Will to redirect a hit to a piece of gear. The gear and all of its upgrades are destroyed.
  • What If the Dice Don’t Meet? (Boom version) - If the negotiation isn’t Heads Up at the end of Negotiations, the closing Leadership roll will bring the dice together regardless of spaces in between.


Home Enclave

Sky High


  • The Co-Op - Conglomeration of local farmers and ranchers that have collected into an enclave near Las Cruces, NM
    • Major Export - Sustainable food production
    • Major Import - Skilled maintenance (mostly from Sky High)
  • The Armory - Former US Army as leadership. Located at the historic Deming Armory in what used to be Deming, New Mexico. Eight blocks away is the more modern former National Guard Armory.
    • Major Export - Weaponry and Ammunition
    • Major Import - Food and Water
  • The Heap -
    • Major Export - Raw materials (lots of scrap metal)
    • Major Import - Food and Water

Jobs So Far


Still Available

People and Places