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| Hard || Cold || Severos || Rook || |-
| Hard || Cold || Severos || Rook || |-
! Kale '''Danfield'''
! Kale '''Danfield'''
| Bold || Tough || Sklovan (Lockport) || Anchor || }
| Bold || Tough || Sklovan (Lockport) || Anchor ||}
===Rules of the Rail, Written and Unwritten===
===Rules of the Rail, Written and Unwritten===
To be added to, as the heroes discover them
To be added to, as the heroes discover them

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[[Image:Ghost train by karolcia12.jpg|right


"Life is Like a Mountain Railway" is a PBP game of Ghost Lines being run by Danny_K.

The game is about a small group of newly trained railroad bulls, whose job it is to ride within and on top of the electric trains as they travel the deadlands between cities and keep ghosts from harming the trains and the people on board. It's lonely, dangerous, frightening work, but essential to the continuance of civilization. Let that be a comfort to you, bull.

Dramatis Personae

The characters are: Kristov Matthias Edrad, played by Alvyn

Phin Booker, played by Berserker

Carro Allyva Rowan, played by The Tim

Vond Haig, played by KreenWarrior

Kale Danfield, played by Spittingimage

Where to find the game

There are two active threads for the game; [IC] and [OOC]

The Railway and the Third Age

The game is centered around the railways and towns of the Empire.

Lines Run: None yet

Towns Visited: Southpoint

Ghosts Cleared: None

Ghosts Silenced: None

Citizens of the Empire and others

Our doughty protagonists have already made friends and enemies, both on and off the line. Some are remembered here.


Master Orlence, a teacher

"Nimble Dick" Lizette, a teacher

Old Vey, a teacher

Blind Vess, a teacher

Coleburn, a Skovlan trainee, smuggler, and Danfield's enemy.

Danvill, a crony of Coleburn

Bry, a ghost-touched trainee from Sklovan

Ioan, a trainee who knew Phin back in the day




Session Guide

A summary of the sessions will eventually go here. 1: Long Black Train

Current Character Stats

Character Gift Gift Homeland Role - Kristov Edrad Sharp Noble Akoros (Nobility) Rook - Phin Booker Swift Attuned Iruvia (Mistport) Spider - Carro Rowan Nimble Sly Iruvia Owl - Vond Haig Hard Cold Severos Rook - Kale Danfield Bold Tough Sklovan (Lockport) Anchor }

Rules of the Rail, Written and Unwritten

To be added to, as the heroes discover them