Gil the Grey

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Gil the Grey, Magic-User/Thief 4/4

Physical Notes[edit]


Race:Grey Elf; Sex: Male; Age: 229

Height: 5’5” ; Weight:106lbs; Eye Color: Amber; Hair Color:Silver/Grey; Features: Large Eyes and Sharp Featured

Social Class[edit]


Personality Traits[edit]

Bonds: Gil has a debt of honour to the Elf-folk [High and Wood] that sheltered him and his clan, and always looks out for their interests. Similarly, he feels a debt to his mentor and Pennoc and is unusually paranoid when it comes to risking either.

Flaws: Elven Fury. Gil sometimes becomes fixated on the ruin of those whom he decides need to be ruined, whether it be for the betterment of others, revenge or to rid the world of some particular manifestation of evil. He will focus most of his attention on these fixations and become unreasonable in his ideas and expectations.

Ideals: Gil believes his reclusive people need to stay aware of the goings on in the wider world and should pursue a more active role in local affairs. He also thinks the Elder Races need to cease their ages old bickering and work together to rid the land of mutual enemies.

Traits: Gil has a habit of pointing out the obvious to those who refuse to acknowledge them. He is mildly charming in most company and cuttingly rude to those he dislikes.

Gil likes to project an attitude of world-weariness, but is secretly delighted by new things and places.

Gil is very protective of those he cares about and is quick to take slight on their behalf.


Strength 9 Mod: +0; Saving Throw: +1; Base Encumbrance: 45#
Dexterity 16 Mod: +2; Saving Throw*: +5
Constitution 11 Mod: +0; Saving Throw: +1
Intelligence 16 Mod: +2; Saving Throw*: +5
Wisdom 13 Mod: +1; Saving Throw: +2
Charisma 13 Mod: +1; Saving Throw: +2
* Proficiency with these Saving Throws


Experience Points: 18,750/18,750
Hit Points: 17 (4/4HD, +0 CON Mod)
Armor Class: 16 (armor 4 +dex 2)
Attack Bonus: +2
Ability Bonus -Proficiency: +2; Nonproficiciency: +1
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Languages: Common, Elven
* Shortbow: Attack Bonus: +5; Damage: 1D6 +0; Qualities: Range Inc: 60ft, Two-Handed, Piercing
* Shortsword +1: Attack Bonus: +6; Damage: 1D6 +1; Qualities: Finesse, Slashing or Piercing
* Dagger: Attack Bonus: +4; Damage: 1D4 +0; Qualities: Finesse, Thrown Range Inc: 10ft, Piercing


Size: Medium
Movement: 60 feet
Skill Proficiencies: Language (Common, Elven)
Combat Bonuses: gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls made the following weapons: longbows, shortbows, longswords, and shortswords.
Immunities: is immune to ghoul’s paralysis, and to all magical sleep and charm effects.
Skill Bonuses: gain a +2 bonus to all Stealth and to Perception skill checks. They can spot secret and concealed doors more easily than others. When passing within 10’ of a secret door, may automatically make a Perception check to notice it.
Twilight Vision: can see normally by moonlight and in dim light.
Weapons Proficiency: longbows, shortbows, longswords, and short swords.


Saving Throws: Dexterity, Intelligence


Arcane Spell Saving Throws: 12 + spell's level
Magic-User Spells: Arcane Spell caster
Spellbook: contains all 0 level Cantrips and 4 1st level spells (has an addition +14 spells, gain 2 addition at 1st level and the 4 each level after that).
Spellcasting Focus: cast spells with focus and ignore most material compounents


Backstab (+2): when making a melee or ranged attack against an opponent's rear facing, or when making a melee attack against a flanked foe, gain Backstab bonus. May only Backstab creatures that have a discernible anatomy. The thief must be able to see the target well enough to pick out a vital spot. They may only Backstab with weapons listed on the thief weapon proficiency list. If making ranged Backstab attacks, they must be within close range for the weapon used.
Burglar (+2): gain burglar bonus to all Athletics skills checks made to climb, all Disable Device checks made to open locks and disarm traps, and all Stealth checks.
Find traps: Thieves may make Perception checks to search for traps, including magical traps, with their full Proficiency Bonus. To find a trap, the thief spends time intently studying and searching an area to deduce possible trap locations. It takes one round to locate a trap in a specific area such as a lock or a doorknob, and one minute to locate traps in a 5’ by 5’ foot area. The DC of this check is usually 10 + the Proficiency Bonus + the Dexterity modifier of the NPC who set the trap with a Disable Device check. For spell traps, such as Glyph of Warding, the DC is equal to the spell’s Saving Throw DC.
Sneak Attack: If a thief successfully strikes a surprised opponent, the first attack deals twice the usual Backstab damage (+4). Sneak Attacks, unlike normal Backstab attacks, need not be made against flanked foes or a foes' rear facing. The other requirements for Backstabbing opponents still apply.
Footpad: may move at their full Movement Rate when making Stealth checks to move silently.
Read Languages: add Ciphers skill to Proficiency.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies[edit]

Weapons: Club, dagger, dart, hammer, hand axe, hand crossbow, light crossbow, longbow, longsword, mace, quarterstaff, scimitar, sickle, shortbow, short sword, and sling
Armor: light
Shields: none

Spell Slots[edit]

Spell Casting Saving Throws: 12 +spell level

Spells per level

  • 0 level : All
  • 1st Lvl: Charm Person, Colour Spray , Comprehend languages, Detect Magic, Feather fall, Identify, Jump, Magic missile, Protection from evil, Shield.
  • 2nd Lvl Alter self, ESP, Forget, Invisibility, Prot from normal missiles, Pyrotechnics , Stinking cloud, Web.
0 level Cantrips: 4
1st Level: 3
2nd Level: 2

Spells prepaired

0 level Cantrips:
1st Level:
2nd Level:


Acrobatics (DEX) +4
Animal Handling (WIS) +2
Arcana (INT) +4
Athletics (STR) +2 (+4 climbing)
Cipher (INT) +4
Craft [Alchemy] (INT) +4
Deception (CHA) +1
Disable Device (DEX) +4, +6 open locks and disarm traps)
Disguise (CHA)
History (INT) +3
Insight (WIS) +2
Intimidation (CHA) +2
Language [Common, Elvish] (INT)+4
Medicine (WIS) +2
Nature (INT) +3
Perception (WIS) +5, Find traps at full proficiency
Performance (CHA) +2
Persuasion (CHA) +2
Poison (INT)+4
Profession [type] (WIS) +1
Religion (INT) +3
Sleight-of-Hands (DEX) +3
Stealth (DEX) +8
Survival (WIS) +2
Proficiency with these skills
These skills require Proficiency to use.


Encumbrance: Base (No Encumbrance) [Strx5]: 45lbs; Moderate Load [Strx10]: 90lbs; Heavy Load [Strx15]: 135lbs

Shortbow 2 lbs
Quiver & 20 Arrows 4 lbs
Shortsword +1 2 lbs
Daggers [2] 2 lb
Elven Chainmail Shirt 10 lbs
Scroll Case [2] 1 lb
500 gold pieces (in pouch) 0.5 lbs
Total 31 lbs


  • Spellbook 5lbs
  • Thieves tools 1lb
  • Waterskin 1lb
  • Small belt pouch .5lbs
  • Canvas [sq yard] 1lb
  • Flint and steel *
  • Glass bottles [4] ****
  • Silver Holy Symbol *
  • Magnifying Glass*
  • Mirror, small silver *
  • Paper, 5 sheets.
  • Vial of perfume *
  • Writing ink *****


History: Born to a Grey elf clan originally from Celene, Gilthaniel Loemista Anarisse [Gil for short] grew up in the heart of the Axewood, a largely untouched Faerie kingdom, never even seeing a non-elf until well into his 150’s. Of differing opinion to his family and kind over their attitude to outside affairs, he left home on his 176th birthday.

ALLY - Pennoc[edit]


CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Temperate or subtropical forests and caves
FREQUENCY: Very rare
DIET: Omnivore
INTELLIGENCE: Average (9-10)
ALIGNMENT: Neutral (good)
NO. APPEARING: 1 (50% chance of 1d8 in nests)
MOVEMENT: 30, Fl 120 (B)
HIT DICE: 2 (10 hit points)
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1d3 P + special
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Chameleon power
SIZE: T (1’- 2’ long)
MORALE: Champion (16-17)

Pseudodragons are a species of small flying lizard that inhabits heavily forested wilderness areas. These playful, benign creatures have magical powers that they can share with others, so they are often sought as companions.

Pseudodragons resemble miniature red dragons. They have fine scales and sharp horns and teeth. A pseudodragon's coloration is red-brown as opposed to the deep red of red dragons. Its tail is about 2 feet long (longer than the pseudodragon itself), barbed, and very flexible.

Pseudodragons communicate via a limited form of telepathy. If one elects to take a human companion, it can transmit what it sees and hears at a distance of up to 600 feet. Pseudodragons can vocalize animal noises such as a rasping purr (pleasure), a hiss (unpleasant surprise), a chirp (desire), or a growl (anger).

Combat: The pseudodragon can deliver a vicious bite with its small, dragonlike jaws, but its major weapon is its sting-equipped tail. The creature can move it with flashing speed and attacks as a 6 Hit Die creature. Any creature struck must make a DC 11 Constitution Saving Throw or go into a state of catalepsy that lasts 1d6 days. The victim appears quite dead, but at the end of that time the character will either wake up unharmed. Large sized creatures gain +2 to this save and Huge size gain +4 to this save. Gargantuan creature are immune to the effects

Pseudodragons have a chameleon-like power that allows them to alter their coloration to blend with their surroundings. They can blend into any typical forest background, gaining a +11 to all Stealth checks when hiding amid plant-life. Pseudodragons have Darkvision with a 60 foot range and can see invisible objects.

A pseudodragon is highly magic resistant and can transmit this magic resistance to its humanoid companion via physical contact (a pseudodragon likes to be perched on the top of one's head or curled around the shoulders and upper back).

Habitat/Society: These forest-dwelling creatures place their lairs in the hollows of great trees or in large caves.

A pseudodragon will very rarely take a human or demihuman as its companion. Some view these pseudodragons as the human's pet; the pseudodragon will be sure to correct this misunderstanding. There are two ways to become a pseudodragon's companion; one is to use magic to summon it (a Find Familiar spell). Another way is to find the pseudodragon on an adventure and persuade it to become a companion. The pseudodragon that searches for companionship will stalk a candidate silently for days, reading his thoughts via telepathy, judging his deeds to be good or evil. If the candidate is found to be good, the pseudodragon will present itself to the human as a traveling companion and observe the human's reaction. If the human seems overjoyed and promises to take very good care of it, the pseudodragon will accept. If not, it will fly away.

The personality of a pseudodragon has been described by some as catlike. A pseudodragon is willing to serve, provided that it is well-fed, groomed, and receives lots of attention. At times a pseudodragon seems arrogant, demanding, and less than willing to help. In order to gain its full cooperation, the companion must pamper the pseudodragon and make it feel as though it were the most important thing in his life. If the pseudodragon is mistreated or insulted it will leave, or worse, play pranks when least expected. Pseudodragons particularly dislike cruelty and will not serve cruel masters.

Ecology: Pseudodragons are omnivorous but prefer to eat meat. Their diet consists chiefly of rodents and small birds with occasional leaves, fruits, and berries. In the wild, pseudodragons live solitary lives, protecting small personal hoards in their nests. They gather to mate once per year, in early spring, when gatherings of dozens of pseudodragons are not uncommon. After mating, males and females separate; females lay speckled brown eggs in clutches of four to six which hatch in mid-summer; females raise the young by themselves. Pseudodragons hibernate in winter; the young leave the nest in spring to mate.

Pseudodragons have a lifespan of 10-15 years. Like dragons, they are attracted to bright shiny objects. Pseudodragon eggs can be resold for up to 10,000 gold pieces while a hatchling is worth as much as 20,000 gold pieces.