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Bleys found on Calrobon at Oberon's Fire. I was having a massive Fetry plate and a huge pile of Snar Snake plater. My fingers, lips, beard and tongue were burning with the pepper sauce available no place else. Bright, firey, full of flavor..But i digress

Brother, and i call you that as no one else save Mirelle may since we share not only a father but a mother, we have known each other in our youth. I changed your diapers. I threw you in a river to teach you to swim. When father and I argued over your education i went into shadow and he took you to Amber.

Since then I've traveled. Ive fought. Ive cared little for king and crown. Not out of anger or treason, but out of distraction.

It is difficult to be loyal to something you never new.

But war and Patternfall has brought me to Amber.

You have changed. Grown. Conquered it seems.

Bleys was trying to explain things but he seems to have dug into a Buff Slab 3, with the pepper sauce and some of the roasted onions. He seems distracted.

So i'll tell you.

I will not swear fealty to Amber but I will swear fealty to you.

Make of that what you will.

Giovanni da Firenze, Son of Oberon da Firenze