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(Treasures and Other Folks)
(Treasures and Other Folks)
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'''Alberto Cavallero''', vet-vet (Aldacine)
'''Alberto Cavallero''', vet-vet (Aldacine)
'''Celia Notos''', gambler (Thrasa)
'''Hank Quinn''', police detective and habitué of Sammy's
'''Hank Quinn''', police detective and habitué of Sammy's

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Glitch Big Show.png

A game of amateur detectives and retired world-destroyers using Jenna Moran's GL!TCH, GM'd by DannyK

Here is a sample Glitch character sheet for you: * Sample Character Sheet

The Local Chancery

Strategist Stats

Character Ability (Wear) Eide (Stilling) Flores (Immersion) Lore (Fugue) Wyrd (Burn) Infection
Thrasa 1 0 0 Weird, Sharp
Tharbigund 1 1 1 Weird,Hot
Laidulf Cannahard 0 1 4 Hard,Weird
Aldacine Pledgebound 0 1 4 Hard,Weird

Treasures and Other Folks

Jane Friday, lounge singer (Tharbigund)

Alberto Cavallero, vet-vet (Aldacine)

Hank Quinn, police detective and habitué of Sammy's

Powers and Principalities

Mr. Hat (Tharbigund)


Devil's Bargain The local game show, a bit spooky.


Los Gatos, a thin place with unsteady weather, not far from Hollywood.

Sammy's, a dive bar where Bruno works and serves as meeting place for the local Chancery