Going Under - Sandy Harriman

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SANDY HARRIMAN Fugitive Drow Hound

SKILLS Endure Evade Kill


BEATS [ ] MINOR: Take minor Fortune fallout. [ ] MINOR: Get into trouble as someone discovers your checkered past.

EQUIPMENT Standard-issue Legrande rifle (D8, Ranged, Piercing, Expensive)

ABILITIES CORE: COLLATERAL Once per session, when you would mark stress, allocate it instead to the nearest friendly target (PC or NPC).

CORE: WAVE YOUR BADGE AROUND You bear the mark of the Hounds, which opens more than a few doors for you. Once per session, you may gain access to a place where you would otherwise not be welcome by dint of your reputation - back rooms in hostels, warehouses and storage areas, the bursary of a heretic church, any Hound territory, and so on. You are either greeted with open arms or badly-hidden frustration, but you get inside.

MINOR: BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS Not all Hounds are prepared to kill someone when the time comes. You are. Gain the Kill skill.

MINOR: DISHPAN HELMET Developed for trench fighting in the cursed mire of the Nujabian lowlands, the Hounds still make use of their bowl-shaped protective metal helmets as much for identification as protection. +1 Blood Protection.

MINOR: THE BETTER PART OF VALOUR You’ve made a few tactical retreats in your time. Gain the Evade skill.

MAJOR: TRENCH-FIGHTER You are a red terror: a veteran of close-quarters violence and improvised weapons. When you attack someone in close quarters, your attack gains the Piercing tag. You gain mastery when fighting in areas tagged with the Warren domain.