Golden Circle Signatory Treaty

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This is part of the Jeweled Amber Campaign documentation.

The Golden Circle Signatory Treaty

Begun near the time of the founding of Amber this treaty is the bond between the Kingdom of Amber and the Signatory Kingdom. This collection of mutual defense & trade agreements build what is commonly called the Golden Circle.

A similar treaty called the Black Zone Pact Instrument creates the Black Zone around the Abyss and the Courts of Chaos.

Member Realms


The Watery Reflection of Amber


The Third Kingdom.


The Great hub of Land routes into Amber



Famous for big aniimals, BBQ, and Pepper Sauce


Famous for its horseman






Alagulpa Riesa

a small but vital Golden Circle shadow on the trade routes out of Diaga,


A small realm with a major deep water harbor near there shadow sealanes. This is one of the closest shadows to amber that allows electricity to function.

  • Location of the Amber Administrative Center.

Yalka Tala

  • A tiny realm that mostly supports a collection of mining communities.

The Golden Circle Synod

The GCS or golden Circle Synod is an informal association of the nations that comprise the Golden Circle with the exception of Kingdom of Amber. This is essential a social and diplomatic convention of nations in one or another beholden to the great might and power of Amber.

There is considerable levels of respect, patronage, faction, and politics between the kingdoms.

Inner Circle

The inner circle is a collection of those Golden circle kingdoms, and a number of potential GC kingdoms who share many certain physical characteristics with Amber. Among them are general physics, similar temperature ranges, similar magical restrictions. Time ratios from 3 to 1 Amber and less. A few realms share the Aging in Amber element;Rebma and all Amber planetary nations. Thelusia,