Graz ak Tremous

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The Sigil Graz ak Tremous is a High Order initiation attained by survival on many different locations within the abyss. Its shape varies.


  • Imprint-5 pips
  • Advanced Imprint 10 pips
  • Master Imprint-20 pips.

The Basic Imprint is accomplished by passage through a "Path of Tremors" or a "Graz ak Tremous" that spans the transitions between greater Abyssal Realms. Each is different and many grant different power relating to the two realms they transition but they all have ssome common powers.

Common Powers[edit]

  • Transitional Shape Change-The traveler, having the ability to shapechange already, or at the very least the genetic ability to have the power even if untrained, to adapt quickly, and smoothly between the required physical need to survive approaching reals or levels or pockets. While the individual may need to dramatically deal with a transition between realms the holder of the Graz ak Tremous is able to essentially anticipate what conditions might be required to pass the next realm. These change might include, but are limited to, breathing various gasous, consuming required food, maintaining vision is light, dark, or other visual conditions.
  • Resistant to extremes in environment
  • Abilty to learn and use High Order magics based on High Order Initiations