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Wandering about he might be found anywhere, doing anything. Keeping his head down and his hands busy.


He is often found in the company of Ascorbic and Ox, trading cards and dice with his old friends.

Giuness or Guiness, (pronounced Ga-Why-ness, not like the beer)is a frequent employee of Lop's Palace Commons. He seems to turn up at many of them as a late night bartender, bar-back, cook, and nearly anything else not having to do with tending or slaughtering animals. Despite being a skilled bartender he often prefers barback duty since it involves dealing with people less.

Ox and Giuness often work the warfs together, as official or unofficial longshoreman. The dockside toughs have learned to let them alone. If asked though, the pair will move on.

Though he rarely talks about his past he seems to know a lot and have been to a lot of places. He admits he was born in a barbaric splendor world and spent his first 13 years working in a small town loading and unloading wagons involved in the meat trades. This including him being involved in butchering animals for market. He can butcher animals if the need arises but it is a task he does not enjoy.

He is officially a member of CHAD but nearly always serve in a logistical roll rather then a combat role.

This much he will tell of his past, and is part of the public knowledge of him:

At 13 he found himself in badly fitting chain-mail, with a broad sword and a helm and a round shield, dragged along uncertain of why, into a smelly dungeon. A series of close calls followed in which he was almost killed every time. Afterwards he was given a bag with thousands of silver pieces and a couple hundred gold pieces. The bag even had a small amount of jewels. The adventurers who had dragged him along gave him a magic sword and a magic leather jacket.

Suddenly rich beyond his wildest dreams he set off to the big city and thought himself embarking on a career as an adventurer. In the big city he found that he was well off, far from rich. He started hanging around a tavern for adventurers and soon became a regular treasure hunter. In between adventures he started working in the tavern to relive boredom. Soon he was working the docks as well.

During one adventure things became terrifying beyond his worst nightmares. The large group he was with was destroyed nearly to a man, and only he and two others survived. Though the creature they had been stalking was killed it nearly claimed his life and it did cost the lives of nearly all the adventurers the city could produce. His desire for that kind of life ended in bloodshed.

Of course, he had once again found himself rich beyond even his new dreams of avarice. As well as equipped with a large collection of magical items. Of course the remains of the dead and their treasures were returned to their kin as best as possible.

One of the items was a curious foot shaped device and when he began to use it it disappeared but he knew he had gained its powers. He could walk in shadow, and he did not age normally. So he set off again and has been traveling ever since.

Guinness is a simple man really, though he has had to adapt to a great many changes from the violent and magical world of his birth to the worlds he now frequents. By no means a genius he is smart enough to manage his incredible life fairly well. He does not discuss it often, but he is clearly a member of Lops inner circle of close friends.

The real story of Guinness is interesting only to me but here it is. Guinness was my very first PC. He was a no bonus fighter rolled up at a SciFi convention in May of 1977. The next week i bought White Box D&D. Over the first couple years Guinness gained levels and powers, even gaining a powerful item called the Medallion of Mesob that gave him immortality and shadowwalking abilities.

He was quickly overshadowed by other characters in other games and became an employee of Lop's Palace Common. What do Pcs do after you stop running them? They have far less dangerous lifestyles.