Hairs to the Republic

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System and Idea

An anthropomorphic setting using the SWADE rules with a mix of fantasy, post-apocalyptic, and cyberpunk.


I'm inspired by The Division 2 in that there would be an urban post-apocalyptic setting that suffered a recent apocalypse where guns and ammo are still readily available. Maybe supply chains haven't completely collapsed yet. There would be a strike force that goes around doing missions, and player characters would likely be part of this strike force or support them in some way. There might be some fantastical elements instead of just gritty hardcore, being that I am also thinking about anime and cartoons.

A king, who is a lion, has arisen in the city who traces his lineage to the original founders of the Republic that fell. There's still a line of leadership from the fallen Republic elsewhere in the city that has some legitimacy, that this king helps support in a power sharing arrangement. Perhaps they will set up a constitutional monarchy at some point, but this possible arrangement is some time in the future.

There are scattered power groups throughout the city that usually have to be negotiated with. But the main threat is the king's eye-scarred brother, who is the head of a corrupt corporation that heavily relies on bribes, espionage, and other dirty tricks to maintain and consolidate power. He is basically the head of an oligarchy with other business interests he owns or is allied with. Most formidable in his arsenal is his army of jackal bots that continuously make incursions into others' territory and generally harasses and terrifies the people of the city.

The event that everyone is trying to recover from is a massive series of earthquakes that hit all over the nation of Being, destroying people’s lives and damaging critical infrastructure. It has left the land scarred all over, with many gaping rifts that have left communities isolated and destroyed or severely damaged the power structure that held everything together. A point of interest for everyone is that the earthquakes occurred in the midst of heightened international tensions, so there is suspicion that one or more of the rival nations engineered the disaster but no one can prove it nor is there really the will to investigate just yet.

Added to peoples’ worries is that strange and bizarre creatures have been reported since the earthquakes. An organized effort is being made by King Leonard and the remnants of the Republic’s leadership to document, compile, and investigate these reports but it is just getting off the ground and there is not much information yet.

Magic and magic items are uncommon, but do exist in the setting.

Religion and Culture

Being is populated by a wide variety of anthropomorphic animals, as is the entire world. There is a common language that lets everyone communicate with each other, but each species also has their own languages and it wasn’t uncommon that many were multilingual.

Religion doesn’t play a central role in the world, and most are irreligious, but for those who are religious each sect is dedicated to a certain concept that they feel have divine and sometimes magical properties, such as Order, Friendship, Dedication, Home and Hearth, etc. Afterlife is believed to be a continuous cycle of birth and rebirth--in other words, reincarnation.


Rank: Heroic with 14 Advances

Setting Rules:

Born a Hero

Creative Combat

Fast Healing

High Adventure

Multiple Languages


Talisman, playing Cathal Arthmael (Grimr, the Masked Wolf)

Pandorym, playing Eikarra

Elfwine, playing Volkova

shadowsaint007, playing Cat


Volkova was hired as security for Grimr and met Eikarra as a guide/scout in the neighboring swamp while on a job. They were assigned Cat as an attaché by the Kingdom of Being, who together with the Remnants of the Republic of Being regularly hire the group as support or to even out their forces.


Leonard, the King of Being

Leonas, his brother, eye scarred CEO of the Jackal Consortium

President Ribbs, President of the Remnants of the Republic of Being


Being, the once great Republic that fell to an unexplained series of earthquakes all over the country

Urbana, former Capital of Being.