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Indestructible Girl
Danger +2 Freak +2
Savior -1 Superior +1
Mundane -1
Afraid Angry X
Guilty Hopeless
Insecure X
Has Influence Over
John Doe
Mary Sue
Varlenax the Destroyer

Indestructible Girl

The Bull

Andrea "Andy" Andrews

A Player Character in Halcyon Knights.


  • girl
  • white
  • freakishly tall
  • large hands
  • casual clothing
  • simple costume

Andy doesn't like to talk about her origins, although the most common theory is some secret illegal child supersoldier program that--depending on how cynical you are--may or may not have been run by A.E.G.I.S. What people do know is that she's big and muscular, makes her bed with hospital corners you can bounce a quarter off of, can field-strip a rifle in 3.2 seconds, and is no fun at parties.

She's freakishly tall, most kids her age barely come up to her shoulder. People usually think she's tough and mean and scary. In reality she's shy and awkward, and wishes other kids weren't so afraid of her. Her height makes her feel gawky around other girls, and sometimes punching villains is easier than dealing with her feelings.

Her costume is an odd mix of Silver Generation traditional and Bronze grunge--a battered old bomber jacket over blue and gold tights, with a utility belt and practical boots.


super strength, super toughness, fighting skills

Playbook Moves

Thick & Thin -Skinned
Whenever you have Angry marked, take +1 ongoing to unleash your powers.

Punch Everyone
Whenever you charge into a fight without hedging your bets, you can shift your Danger up and any other Label down.

Playbook Specific Thing, if yours has one

Love interest: Sunstar
Role: Friend: When you comfort or support your love or rival, mark potential on a hit. When your love or rival comforts or supports you, mark potential when they roll a hit.

Rival: Invincible Sword Princess!
Role: Listener: When you pierce the mask of your love or rival, you can always let them ask you a question to ask them an additional question in turn, even on a miss. These additional questions do not have to be on the list.


Who changed you
I don't know--which only fuels the gossip mill. I was only a kid when I was rescued, and all I have are some vague memories of a boot camp-like place and painful medical experiments.

How did you escape from them?
My mom smuggled me out. We've been on the run ever since, living under assumed names.

Who, outside the team, tries to take care of you now?
My mom again. We don't know if she's actually my mother or surrogate mother or what, but it doesn't matter. We're a family.

Why do you try to be a hero?
What else is a freakish giant amazon supposed to do? Join the glee club?

Why do you care about the team?
When I'm with them, at least I'm not the only freak.


Sunstar is my love. I’ve opened up to them about the worst parts of my past.

Invincible Sword Princess! is my rival. They tried to control me at a crucial moment.

Additional Information

Yikes, being an awkward teenager sucks as is, can't be fun standing head and shoulders above most of your classmates as well. I imagine it makes keeping any sort of secret identity...well, secret difficult too. Do people know Andy Andrews is the Indestructible Girl, or have you thrown them off your scent somehow?
So far no one's made the connection. It's not like we've done a lot yet and maybe they assume Indestructible Girl is a grownup or something. But I worry about it. Whoever made me might still be out there looking. Sometimes I want to say no, let's not go out and do the hero thing, but I always stop short of actually saying it because I'm afraid the others will think I'm a coward or making a big deal out of nothing.