Hammer the Chopper

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Name: Hammer

Character Type: Chopper

Look: A bald man with combat biker wear, a busted face, calculating eyes and a fat body that covers muscle.

Stats and the Basic Moves Cool (Act Under Fire): 1 Hard (Go Aggro, Seize by Force): 2 Hot (Seduce or Manipulate): 1 Sharp: (Read a Situation or Person): 0 Weird (Open Your Brain to the Maelstrom): -1

Special Moves Alpha Wolf: Can impose his will on his gang with a roll + hard Fucking Thieves: Can roll + hard to have small objects on hand

Gear and Barter Scrap Metal Armor: Armor 2 SMG: 2-harm Area Close Loud Crowbar: 2-harm Hand Messy

Bike: Rugged, Aggressive, Roaring, Bucking

Your People and Places Hammer leads the Black Toads, a chopper gang that splits its time between acting as protection and enforcers for the hardhold and doing some light raiding and scavenging on the side. While violent thugs, Bile has a weird code of something like honor, and will not condone rape or torture or the harm of children. 2-harm gang Small Rich 1-armor Strengths: Well-Disciplined, Rich Weaknesses: Bikes are in poor shape and need constant maintenance (Vulnerable: Breakdown)

Interesting Facts Hammer is a believer, though not in any gods. He believes that when you die, your soul enters the psychic maelstrom, which will rip apart the unworthy and send the worthy on to some better place. This belief comes from a near-death experience he had as a child, where he thought he felt himself being ripped apart for his sins. What he feels his own fate will be seems to change day by day.

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