Hawthorne Scargrin

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Hawthorne Scargrin, Cleric of the Dreaded Delve

Game: AnotherDayAnotherDelve


Race: Dwarf

Class: Cleric

Level: 3

XP: 12/10

Alignment: Lawful (Endanger yourself for the precepts of your faith)

Look: Sharp Eyes, Strange Hair, Common Garb, Knobby Body


Strength 13 (+1)
Dexterity 8 (-1)
Constitution 16 (+2) 
Intelligence 9 (+0)
Wisdom 16 (+2) [-1 Ongoing to Spells]
Charisma 13 (+1)

HP: 8/24
Damage: d6
Armor: 2

Basic Moves


  • Dwarven Cleric: You have Words of the Unspeaking as a rote, only for stone.
  • Deity: The Dreaded Delve (What Lies Beneath). Precept: Sacrificial Rites [Petition: Offering]
  • Divine Guidance - You make sacrifices to learn about dungeon secrets and dangers.
  • Turn Undead: Roll +WIS. On 7-9, no undead may come near. On 10+, you also daze intelligent undead and cause mindless undead to flee.
  • Commune: Spend an hour in communion to gain 3 spell levels worth of spells (Level +1).
  • Cast Spell: Roll +WIS. On 10+, cast spell. On 7-9, choose drawback.

Advanced Moves

  • Serenity: When you cast a spell, ignore the first -1 ongoing penalty from ongoing spells.
  • First Aid: You have Cure Light Wounds as a rote spell.

Current Spells

Active: Magic Weapon (Yula)


  • Guidance - Symbol of the Deep appears and guides me to something that the Deep wants done
  • Light - A touched object gives off light
  • Sanctify - Touched food or water becomes holy and is purified of spoilage.

Level 1

  • None

Level 3

  • Animate Dead - Create a zombie with +1 to all stats and 1 HP, and 1d4 upgrades [a +2 stat, +2 HP/level, functioning brain, seems alive] (Ongoing)

Spells Not Prepared


  • Cure Light Wounds - Touch someone to heal 1d8 HP.
  • Words of the Unspeaking - Speak with stone

Level 1

  • Bless - Someone gets +1 ongoing so long as they stand and fight. (Ongoing)
  • Detect Alignment - When casting, choose an alignment (Good, Evil, Chaos, Law). You can hear what around you is of that alignment.
  • Cause Fear - Choose a target and an object. They fear it. (Ongoing)
  • Magic Weapon - Touched weapon deals +1d4 Damage (Ongoing)
  • Speak With Dead - A corpse answers three questions to the best of its ability.

Level 3

  • Cure Moderate Wounds - Cure 2d8 HP
  • Darkness - Fill an area with darkness and shadow (Ongoing)
  • Resurrection - Bring a very recently deceased person back from the grave.
  • Hold Person - Paralyse someone completely, except for speech (Ongoing).


  • Ring: Eye of the Lion (+2 To Moves Invoking My Authority)


  • Chainmail (Armor 1, 1 Weight)
  • Shield (Armor 1, 2 Weight)
  • Warhammer (Close, 1 Weight)
  • Adventuring Gear (1 weight) - 4
  • Rations (2 weight) - 8
  • Dwarven Hardtack (1 weight) - 7
  • Bandages - 6 (4 HP)
  • 1 Vial of Antitoxin
  • 826 Coin
  • Handmade music box

Load: 8/11


  • Kyouko insulted my deity; I do not trust her.
  • " trust Lindorell's leadership; I will follow her into danger.
  • I will teach Yula to bank her flames around outsiders.
  • I am working on converting Yula to my faith.

Resolved Bonds

Chapter 1: Nigel is a good and faithful person; I trust him implicitly. Interlude: I worry that Embry is not reliable.


Hawthorne Scargrin is a dwarven cleric hailing from the Taraken mountains far to the north. Because the dwarves delve deep, they often encounter dungeons, and as a result the Taraken dwarves have taken to worshipping the dungeons as their predatory gods. To slay a god is considered a great honour, and the priests of Taraken are also the most fervent delvers, viewed as holy fools who draw the attention of forces that others can only sacrifice to in the hopes of evading their attention.

Hawthorne is a cleric of his people, who has travelled south to learn how those of other lands understand the gods. He's a charismatic speaker but not very intellectually rigorous, and prefers problems that he can smash to bits, but he is a good listener and likes to engage in a bit of circular religious debate.