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*[[The_Excellents_rules|Rules summary]]
*[[The_Excellents_rules|Rules summary]]
*[https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/planning-the-excellents-princesses-in-awesome-world.878735/ Planning Thread]
*[https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/planning-the-excellents-princesses-in-awesome-world.878735/ Planning Thread]
* OOC thread [coming soon]
*[https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/the-excellents-hazardous-harvest.879944/ OOC thread]
* IC thread [coming soon]
*[https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/the-excellents-hazardous-harvest.879943/ IC thread]
[[Category:PBP]][[Category:The Excellents]][[Category:Polymorph]]
[[Category:PBP]][[Category:The Excellents]][[Category:Polymorph]]

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Hazardous Harvest[edit]

A play-by-post adventure played on RPGnet.

The Script[edit]

General plot: It's harvest time, but most of the food is disappearing and the fields are getting destroyed. Whoever is behind this must be stopped and the food has to be recovered!

  • Place to Start: the local YEE-HAW! festival
  • Shiny Thing: Carrot Town's honorary citizen badges (Glory type)
  • Big Bad: Gobble, a gluttonous dragon who is greedily hoarding food in his lair. He won't reveal himself easily but has two types of regular Lackeys you're more likely to encounter. One type is dumb and brutish but weak, the other type has been bullied into helping him and could possibly be rescued. The latter will have a Named Lackey as the leader of its group. Who the Lackeys are exactly is still unknown to the Princesses!
  • Place to End: Cooking competition

The Cast[edit]

Froggy, Princess of Frogs[edit]
  • The Magical One (d4) | she/her
  • Realm: Frogs, bugs, and creepy-crawly critters.
  • Crown: A flower-wreath crown, except it's made from scraggly-looking wildflowers. Clover, Joe-pye weed, black-eyed Susans, daisy fleabane, that sort of thing. She can pull lengths of vine from it to use as rope, and use it to shoot puffs of pollen to distract people.
  • Heart: Curious.
  • Book: Prince Solomon's Adventures on the Moon, a collection of adventure stories staring that beloved childhood hero, Prince Solomon, and the fantastical places he visits and amazing things he sees.
  • Sword: The Pokin' Stick, a straight length of sturdy wood with a sharpened tip. Useful for tipping over rocks, sword-fighting dead weeds, steadying one's footing while wading * in the creek, and poking dead things.
  • Shoes: Battered old boots with broken laces.
  • Beast: Ribbly, a colorful tree frog who usually rides on her shoulder. He can leap very far and croak astonishingly loudly. She claims he can grow large enough to ride, but no one else has actually witnessed this.
Wild Garden Princess[edit]
  • The Brainy One (d6) | (she/her)
  • Realm: Nature Preserves
  • Crown: A circlet of vines, leaves, rocks, copper wire and bones that gives her the mood, and the news, of the land around her.
  • Heart: Mindful
  • Book: A well-loved and bookmark-festooned copy of "Walden," with writing all over the margins.
  • Sword: Henry, a clipboard that gives her more, and more important, information about whatever she's focused on the longer she focuses on it.
  • Shoes: Well-oiled leather flats with nubby soles.
  • Beast: Wiseacre the talking raven, who can turn invisible, do reconnaissance, offer unsolicited advice, and bring back shiny objects whether he's asked to or not. Frequently perched on the princess' head.
Prima Pirate Princess[edit]
  • The Charming One (d8) | (she/her)
  • Realm: Ballet with its graceful leaps and grand pirouettes. It also helps when you’re swashbuckling your way across a rolling ship’s deck.
  • Heart: Courageous
  • Book: Anne Bonny’s Diary, a treasure trove of information about pirates
  • Crown: circlet of white swan feathers. She temporarily grows wings, which let her make fantastic leaps, and break her fall.
  • Sword: a length of red ribbon, which she wears around her hips, tied off at the side. She can lash out with it like a whip, and use it to grab things from high shelves.
  • Shoes: Dancing (Gold ballet slippers)
  • Beast: Captain, a parrot with colorful feathers. He has one eye, but it’s sharp. Also, he can fly, and wears a tiny tricorn.
Butterfly Bear, Princess of Snuggles[edit]
  • The Tough One (d10) | (she/they)
  • Realm: Snuggles
  • Crown: A pair of bear ears on a headband. Makes her look approachable and friendly.
  • Heart: Good
  • Book: Seven Sheepy Stories, a book of relaxation poems.
  • Sword: A pillow. Can make others fall asleep or be used to take a nap.
  • Shoes: Bearfoot slippers.
  • Beast: Roosevelt, the Grumpy Teddy. Walking, talking teddy-bear who always seems in need of a hug.

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