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All the Dude ever wanted...was his rug back...not greedy...it just really tied the room together. --The Stranger, The Big Lebowski screenplay Against that heinous background, my crimes were pale and meaningless. --Raoul Duke, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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GM: DannyK

Player Characters

Sandy Harriman, played by Enigmatic One
Fugitive Hound (Endure, Evade, Kill | Haven)

Stress Tracks:

Blood Echo Mind Fortune Supplies


[ ] MINOR: Take minor Fortune fallout.

[ ] MINOR: Get into trouble as someone discovers your checkered past.

Spirithand Macqui, played by Mr. Prim
Enlightenment Junk Mage (Discern (Curses), Stealth |Occult, Religion)

Stress Tracks:

Blood Echo Mind Fortune Supplies


[ ] MINOR: Take Minor Mind Fallout

[ ] MAJOR: Kill someone who is trying to keep you from claiming the knowledge

Amaranthe Garamande, played by KreenWarrior
Heart-song Witch (Mend, Discern, Compel|Cursed )

Stress Tracks:

Blood Echo Mind Fortune Supplies


[ ] MINOR: See something from your dreams in the real world

[ ] MINOR: Consume something of the Heart - you eat the flesh of a heartsblood beast, etc.

Vesta, played by squidheadjax
Adventurer Vermissian Knight (Endure, Kill, Delve | Technology)

Stress Tracks:

Blood Echo Mind Fortune Supplies


[ ] MINOR: Defeat a powerful foe one-on-one

[ ] MINOR: Help and important or influential figure in a haven


Faces and Place of the Heart


Commandant of the Hounds Regiment

Red Market

Places of Spire

Levels of Spire, Top to Bottom: Feel free to add additional notes to this level by level map. Areas of special importance like PC safehouses should be put in Bold. Places that have changed due to Ministry action are in Italics.

"Shelf" means that the area in question sticks out from the side of the tower like a shelf fungus attached to a tree trunk.

New Heaven

--Bird Druids & Bee Druids



--Apex of Spire

--Towers of Silence

--Megacorvids and Sky Whales


--Pleasure-domes of the high elves

--Ice caves and ice baths

--Council chambers

--Spiral gardens of the aelfir

--Street of Masks

Solar Basilica

(sticking out from the side of Spire)

--New cathedral

--Sky docks

--Lunar font

--College library

Silver Quarter

--Mermaid club

--Endless Canal

--Unmasked district

--Gilded Oyster

Ivory Row

--Crumbling Mansions

--Upper Perch

--Old (Lunar) Cathedral


(hanging off the side of Ivory Row)

--Upper perch hanging down from Ivory Row

--Graveyard of the Small Gods (swap meet)

--Lower perch (on the ledge of Middle City)

--Ropes and knotters

Middle City

(the widest part of Spire)

--Prison Hive

--Wild Alleys


Leech Canals


--Hanging gardens


--Wisp glades

Algae Farms


--Locust keepers

--Weed woods

--Dead Titan

--Crimson Pool

Wild Zones

--Oak Mother

--Death Lilies


--Old zoo (shelf)

The Works

(top of the “base”)



--Daily Torch

--Graymanor Detective Agency

Pilgrim’s Walk






St. Perdita’s Circle



--Alph & Zeph

--North Docks


--Customs House

--Main Gates


--Red row: Sunday Riot, Maison Glace murder and arson

--L’Enfer Noir


--Grist: where the Friend hides out

--Hemlock Fruit Mart

--Vermissian terminals

The Heart

--Pit Caves

--Blood Witches

--Chaos, Flux, Dream

--The Mansion