Heart- Going Under

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All the Dude ever wanted...was his rug back...not greedy...it just really tied the room together. --The Stranger, The Big Lebowski screenplay Against that heinous background, my crimes were pale and meaningless. --Raoul Duke, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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OOC Thread

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GM: DannyK

Player Characters

Sandy Harriman, played by Enigmatic One
Fugitive Hound (Endure, Evade, Kill | Haven)

Stress Tracks:

Blood Echo Mind Fortune Supplies


[ ] MINOR: Take minor Fortune fallout.

[ ] MINOR: Get into trouble as someone discovers your checkered past.

Spirithand Macqui, played by Mr. Prim
Enlightenment Junk Mage (Discern (Curses), Stealth |Occult, Religion)

Stress Tracks:

Blood Echo Mind 4 Fortune Supplies


[ ] MINOR: Take Minor Mind Fallout

[ ] MAJOR: Kill someone who is trying to keep you from claiming the knowledge

Amaranthe Garamande, played by KreenWarrior
Heart-song Witch (Mend, Discern, Compel|Cursed )

Stress Tracks:

Blood Echo Mind Fortune Supplies


[X] MINOR: See something from your dreams in the real world

[ ] MINOR: Consume something of the Heart - you eat the flesh of a heartsblood beast, etc.

Vesta, played by squidheadjax
Adventurer Vermissian Knight (Endure, Kill, Delve | Technology)

Stress Tracks:

Blood Echo Mind 5 Fortune Supplies


[ ] MINOR: Defeat a powerful foe one-on-one

[ ] MINOR: Help and important or influential figure in a haven


Faces and Place of the Heart


Commandant of the Hounds Regiment

Red Market

Places of Spire

Just leaving this here as a reference, some of this extends into the Heart but most of it doesn't or it's warped beyond recognition.

New Heaven

--Bird Druids & Bee Druids



--Apex of Spire

--Towers of Silence

--Megacorvids and Sky Whales


--Pleasure-domes of the high elves

--Ice caves and ice baths

--Council chambers

--Spiral gardens of the aelfir

--Street of Masks

Solar Basilica

(sticking out from the side of Spire)

--New cathedral

--Sky docks

--Lunar font

--College library

Silver Quarter

--Mermaid club

--Endless Canal

--Unmasked district

--Gilded Oyster

Ivory Row

--Crumbling Mansions

--Upper Perch

--Old (Lunar) Cathedral


(hanging off the side of Ivory Row)

--Upper perch hanging down from Ivory Row

--Graveyard of the Small Gods (swap meet)

--Lower perch (on the ledge of Middle City)

--Ropes and knotters

Middle City

(the widest part of Spire)

--Prison Hive

--Wild Alleys


Leech Canals


--Hanging gardens


--Wisp glades

Algae Farms


--Locust keepers

--Weed woods

--Dead Titan

--Crimson Pool

Wild Zones

--Oak Mother

--Death Lilies


--Old zoo (shelf)

The Works

(top of the “base”)



--Daily Torch

--Graymanor Detective Agency

Pilgrim’s Walk






St. Perdita’s Circle



--Alph & Zeph

--North Docks


--Customs House

--Main Gates


--Red Row: the Maison Glace

--L’Enfer Noir



--Hemlock Fruit Mart

--Vermissian terminals

The Heart

--Lower Derelictus (City Between)

--Pit Caves

--Blood Witches

--Chaos, Flux, Dream

--The Mansion