Heart MotAE - The Heretic

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Brother Bertram Roachbeer Heretic, Enlightenment Calling

Brother Bertram comes from a long line of mystics and scholars of Damnou, dating back to before the invasion of Spire, when his ancestors fled to the Heart. He has an odd sort of curse, in that he is frequenty called upon to solve mysterious disappearances and murders, which sometimes involve strange curses and eldritch dooms, but just as often hinge on petty jealousies and quarrels over pots of fermented mushrooms. His experience has shaped his outlook on the foolish and fallen state of the Drow, and he seeks the answer to the question of why the Drow seem hell-bent on wiping themselves out, when they have so many enemies that would be happy to do it for them. His hair is dark but his skin has gone unnaturally pale and leathery from long travelling in deep corridors and warrens and his hands tremble. He is fond of food and drink and likes to smoke a pipe when there’s time. Drow who think his worldly manner means he is not devoted to the worship of Damnou find out their error quickly, sometimes with a blow from his antique brazier, his most cherished possession, supposedly a relic of the lost temple of the Moon Ascendant.

SKILL Mend Discern Compel Evade Delve

DOMAIN Religion

EQUIPMENT Spireblack Brazier (D6, Tiring. When the brazier is lit, it becomes D6, Obscuring, Dangerous)


CORE: OUR LADY’S MANY EYES You, and by extension your companions, are ever-bathed in the intangible moonlight of the Moon Beneath. You are blessed. When you or your companions remove stress from Fortune, roll two dice and pick the higher result to determine the amount removed.

MINOR: PILGRIM Your mission will never cease; you have sworn to spread the revelations of the goddesses to the depths of the City Beneath. Gain the Delve skill.

EXILED Two hundred years ago, your forefathers fled persecution in the city above; you’re still running. Gain the Evade skill. Roll with mastery when you evade anyone from the City Above.

RIGHTEOUS RHETORIC You have argued over the interpretation of scripture with the temple elders time and time again. Gain the Compel skill. When you invoke your holy texts in conversation with another member of your faith, roll with mastery.


OUR LADY’S SIGHT When you attune your mind to the glory of the Moon Beneath, roll Discern+Religion. On a success, when you close your eyes, you can see the auras of intelligent creatures around you in your immediate area - these are visible regardless of physical obstructions. By focusing on a particular aura, you can tell: the subject’s age, their emotional state, and their level of heartsblood contamination.


CORE: UNORTHODOX METHODS Gain the Discern skill. Once per session, when you would roll dice to resolve an action but before you roll, instead state that your result is a 6, and you succeed but you take stress.

BEATS: [] Gain access to knowledge that someone tried to conceal. [] Allude to the events that lead you to seek forbidden knowledge to achieve an impossible task.

DEVELOPMENTS: --He accidentally activated the maglev function of the Vermissian and got whisked away to a Mirror Spider's cave, where he successfully escaped through the cunning ploy of becoming engaged to the Spider (which has an unpronounceable name and unknown gender) --Around that time, while frantically trying to find the exit, he came into a closer relationship with Damnou the Moon Goddess and is now blessed(?) with dozens of eyes all over his body, which makes it hard to wear off-the-rack clothing.