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Name and High Concept

Character Sheet[edit]

George "Gaunt" Gibbley


High Concept: "Archetype + descriptor"

Immortal Haunted Coachman

Curse: “Is it worth this?”

Not Dead Yet - A few hundred years ago, George was shot in the heart by a highwayman - but he didn't die.

George eats, drinks, sleeps and apparently breathes - but his skin is cold and his heart doesn't beat. He doesn't know why and never sought to learn more - in case he were to stop.


Man of the Frugal Middle Class - Immortality could be a long long time. Best be prepared for a rainy day.

Man of Mental Pursuits - His unfeeling flesh doesn't carry sensations, smell or taste. To pass the time/avoid insanity, George visits and enjoys museums and concerts, attends lectures, and reads books.

Man Lost in Time - He remembers people and places from yesterday - and 100 years ago. Which is which?


Fate Points: X Refresh: Y


Physical: OOOO Mental: OOO


Mild: N/A Moderate: N/A Severe: N/A



  • +4 - Physique, Lore (3+1) (+2 physical stress)
  • +3 - Drive
  • +2 - Fight, Will, Notice (+1 mental stress)
  • +1 - Shoot, Resources, Contacts, Crafts


I Spoke to a Bloke... You’ve talked to hundreds—if not thousands—of people on a wide variety of topics. You can spend a fate point to use Lore in place of any other skill for one roll or exchange, provided you can justify having talked about the action you’re attempting.

Don't Spare the Horses! You can coax more speed out of your vehicle than seems possible. Whenever you’re engaged in any contest where speed is the primary factor (such as a chase or race of some kind) and you tie with your Drive roll, it’s considered a success.


"Just a Flesh Wound" Bulletproof, but with weakness to edged weapons and at a cost of flesh with no sensation. He eats, drinks, and appears to sleep and breathe, but doesn't need to do these things to persist.


(Weapons, sidekicks, etc)

Unnatural Carriage - A well-tended coach with sturdy horses. Strange that the same coach never calls a second time... 1 - Adds +2 to Overcome on Drive checks. 2 - Never looks the same way twice (the body, paint, even the horses look different every time it is viewed) 3 - Can travel hundreds of miles overnight?




(Equipment etc)

Cudgel Coachman's whip Blunderbuss? Books Old Fashioned Leather Coat & Hat



George "Gaunt" Gibbley appears as tall, pale older man dressed in old-fashioned coachman clothes - a long battered leather coat and waterproof hat.