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===Silent Night===
===Silent Night===
'''Spy Network 1'''
''Spy Network 1''
Heywesh has been careful to establish a friendly relationship with the surviving locals.  In addition to helping build his province, it has also created the beginning of an intelligence gathering operation.
Heywesh has been careful to establish a friendly relationship with the surviving locals.  In addition to helping build his province, it has also created the beginning of an intelligence gathering operation.

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Heywesh Tal is a Blooded Ven Baron affiliated with the House of the Wolf in the PbP game, HotB Light into Darkness.


Heywesh Tal is the sickly youngest son of Marquis Mxura Tal, a Wolf made famous by his countless deeds of glory and brutality. Mxura's view of Heywesh as a disappointing weakling became fuel for a fire within Heywesh's soul, though one can argue whether this fire has propelled Heywesh or consumed him.

Heywesh threw himself into the study of the sword and of dueling, becoming a devotee of Tatjan Adrente, Suaven of Duels, though he also gained a passing familiarity with the Falcon Suaven of Willpower, Sutcaq Kahj. The local Q'val who tended the shrine to Tatjan became both his spiritual and martial instructor. Heywesh's spirituality, prowess, and respect for the law are deeply intertwined. More than one Ven was caught off guard by Heywesh's natural talent for the Wolf Demands Territory school of sword fighting. One in particular ended up falling down a staircase.

Heywesh's mother, Isla Mwrr, realized quicker than her hard husband that Heywesh was going to live to see adulthood. This insight lead to planning, and her planning lead to Heywesh's marriage to Lura Yvarai. On paper, it was a good match. Heywesh was a young Wolf who could wear a sword proudly, but his body seemed born ready for Solace. Lura in turn was a trained puja (lawyer) with acceptable breeding, but frighteningly sincere smile proved too much for more than one suitor. To everyone's surprise, Lura and Heywesh actually got along, Heywesh was able to get Lura into serious discussions, and Lura was able to find Heywesh's sense of humor. The mothers were quite happy, deciding to overlook the total lack of attraction, physical or otherwise, between Lura and Heywesh. Afterall, attraction is for romance, not for marriage. And after Lura successfully have birth to a son, Lura & Heywesh also seemed quite happy, though their relationship has continued to be slightly idiosyncratic.

Heywesh jumped at the opportunity to help Gryndel tame the Black Isles, as he hopes it will finally win his father's approval.

Family Information

  • Dominant parent: Wolf Marquis Mxura Tal
  • Secondary parent: Serpent Countess Isla Mwrr
  • Birth Order: 3rd
  • Surviving Siblings: Weatha Mwrr, older Serpent brother.
  • Dead Siblings: Deta, middle child sister.
  • Marital Status: Married to Lura Yvarai, with 1 son, Vrdj.

Contacts & Friends


  • Bear's Strength: X
  • Elk's Cunning: 3
  • Falcon's Courage: 3
  • Fox's Beauty: 2
  • Serpent's Wisdom: 2
  • Wolf's Prowess: 5


Spring Phase (Age 17)

  • Like a Sister – Heywesh treats Lura less like a wife and more like a little sister
    • Invoke: Actions that directly benefit Lura Yvarai
    • Tag: Lura's actions can cause problems for Heywesh
    • Compel: To make Lura want or need something
  • Senvu – Heywesh is a student of Wolves Require Territory, a sword style based on a philosophy of controlling space and crowding opponents.
    • Invoke: When using a sword. Opponents always think a tactical retreat or a sidestep will work out. By all means, please, relinquish your ground....
    • Tag: Stand your ground. Be stubborn. Irrationally so. When you get crowded, crowd back. This is how you deal with a Wolf that demands more than he can take. Just make sure he can't actually take it.
    • Compel: Those in your shadow are your pack, and packs must be defended.
  • His Only Wolf Son – Mxura Tal is Heywesh's famous, overbearing father. Heywesh isn't his only son, but he is the only son who is a Wolf. Unfortunately, Mxura's opinion of his shriveled, sickly son is not particularly high.
    • Invoke: Public actions worthy of his father's approval
    • Tag: Actions his father would disapprove of
    • Compel: Go out of his way to display his independence from his father


  • Tatjan Adrente
    • Tool or Weapon
    • The Invisible Cannot be Touched
  • Sutcaq Kahj
    • Pain is today, Honor is Forever


Morningstar Province, the Domain of Heywesh Tal

This page offers a fuller description of Heywesh Tal's Domain, The Morningstar Province.

General Description

Horizon Harbor is on the eastern coast of the Black Isles and faces the Unfreezing Sea. As a baron reclaiming the Black Isles for the Ven, Heywesh felt Horizon Harbor's accessibility to seagoing travel & trade would be a useful advantage. A naturally deep harbor, it was settled in the first colonization attempt as well. As it faces east, and because the Marquis is bringing the light of Ven culture back to the Black Isles, Heywesh named it the Morningstar Province.

Currently, there are 6 regions within the Morningstar Province.

Horizon Harbor

Shoreline 1

A population of Unblooded Veth survived on the shores of Horizon Harbor, as it is (relatively) Ork free and its waters have proven to be good fishing waters.


Village 2

Rising is a village populated by the surviving Unblooded Veth at the western edge of Horizon Harbor. Settled soon after the Ven lords fell, their refugee peasants gathered here for common protection, building a wooden palisade and creating an effective defense against the inland Orks. On the relative scale of the extant Unblooded communities in the Black Isles, Rising is healthy & thriving. Rising is just North of the old Ven's castle, but everyone claims Rising is a new village. No one says what happened to the old province's village.

Castra Morning Star

Castle 1

Just south of Rising, Castra Morning Star is the rebuilt fortress of a previous Ven lord who failed in his attempts to tame the Black Isles. Much of its outer wall was cannibalized by Rising over the years, making it more difficult for Heywesh to determine how it fell. The actual castle itself appears to have suffered a massive fire at some point, however.

Heywesh has built a keep in a corner of the ruins, and is planning on slowly renovating and/or demolishing to start anew as his castle grows.

The Eclipsing Cliffs

Mountain 1

As one continues west from Horizon Harbor and past Rising, one quickly comes to the Eclipsing Cliffs, an arc of stone facing the harbor that tapers off to both the North and the south. As one moves farther west, there is a gradual decline in height. In essence, the cliffs are shaped like a gigantic ramp.

Shaded Forest

Forest 1

The forests on the slopes and to the North of the Eclipsing Cliffs are still close enough to the coast to be safe from whatever lurks inland. It is a healthy, think forest of pine with a substantial amount of game.

Basking Fields

Farm 2

South of the Eclipsing Cliffs and west of Horizon Harbor are lands where the surviving Veth maintained agriculture. Rye and barley are the primary staples, and sheep are the primary livestock.


Like all land-owning Ven, Heywesh has a number of vassals who assist him in running his Domain.

Lura Yvarai

Spouse 3

Lura Yvarai is Heywesh's optimistic wife and puja. Three things that are true about Lura:

  1. She is a romantic, and thinks everyone she likes ought to be as well.
  2. Her most prized posession is a Zhivali (Ven tarot) deck.
  3. She was trained as a puja (contract writer) because her parents believed it would make her more attractive to suitors.

The Servi of the Morningstar

Staff 3

The staff of Castra Morningstar is a mix of Veth from the holdings of Heywesh's family, the holdings of Lura's family, and a handful from Rising families. This mix is all kept in line by Zhay Drew, a coldly efficient woman who the staff universally respect and the Roadmen universally fear.

The Yvils of the Comet

Roadmen 1

The Ten Comets are all junior students of Wolves Demand Territory, the school of dueling and martial philosophy that Heywesh subscribes.

The Correcting Thuakaven

Personal Guard 1

Heywesh has been known to quip, "My Thuakaven can correct a whole host of errors." Though his personal guard is smaller than its originally planned size (his father commented he only had 10 guards when he started), Heywesh is confident that they will develop into an effective defense force.

Silent Night

Spy Network 1

Heywesh has been careful to establish a friendly relationship with the surviving locals. In addition to helping build his province, it has also created the beginning of an intelligence gathering operation.

Friendly Game?

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